Black Highlighter (Beta Version)

Please see this thread:

This component is currently ACTIVE

What this is

A component that applies the Black Highlighter theme to your article.

This component will apply a dev version of the Black Highlighter theme, but it might break sometimes as it's updated. This version is hopefully mostly-stable, although it still needs work. The theme is fully functional, however.

Please note!

The Black Highlighter CSS theme is still in-development. Not all bugs have been ironed out and things will change every now and then. Some parts of your article may not work correctly.
Please ensure that you understand this before you put this CSS on your page.

Reporting problems

If you've got a Github account, create an Issue here detailing your problem (whether it's technical, or aesthetic, or whatever). Make sure you specify that you're using the dev version.

If you don't have a Github account, or if you'd prefer to discuss your issues with someone directly, either join the #black-highlighter channel on SynIRC, or send a PM to WoedenazWoedenaz or CroquemboucheCroquembouche.

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