Concept of SCP-XXXX - I'll see you, 555.7 Light Years Away

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Elevator Pitch: The SCP is an alien civilization that's within the exoplanet Kepler-186f and it's pretty much the following:

  • -A:
  • -B: A facility known as "The Arc". In summary,

The conprocs state a peace treaty has been formed between the Foundation and the Aliens and an abandoned facility in the city has been renovated to a provisional site. Anyone/anything that's allowed to travel to Kepler-186f must use a portal and must not provoke the aliens, contain them (Even if they wanted, they feasibly can't due to the magnitude) or do anything unethical/stupid to them.

If the treaty is broken, they must negotiate to try and get the aliens to forgive them. If it doesn't work, the Foundation must prepare for an alien invasion.

Central Narrative: A long time ago, the aliens went to war with other aliens as a result of one of their leaders gets assassinated. The wars went on to the point of using nukes and other world ending material. As the aliens were close to extinction, a god appears in one of the aliens just before she dies. In summary, the god will save their planet in exchange that they must never go to war again and the weapons/destructive weapons they have will be destroyed. She agrees and the world is fixed, along with the aliens repopulating the world.

The Foundation found out during Project Astro1 where they sent some people to visit the exoplanet and found a secret entrance leading into the facility.


Additional Notes: Inspired by Kalinin's proposal, SCP-3003 and SCP-4547.

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