Connor's Draft No.1


Item #: SCP-4458

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-4458-A has been purchased by the Foundation and continues to be operated by Foundation personnel under the guise of Pizza Hut employees.

The restroom door is to remain locked away and cordoned off from the public.

Personnel are to routinely check and monitor for any impurities that may generate from the restroom.

Description: SCP-4458-A is restaurant formerly owned by the popular restaurant chain, Pizza Hut. Aside from its restroom, SCP-4458-A is by all means, a standard, functioning Pizza Hut restaurant. Individuals that remain in the restroom any longer than 30 seconds, will be transported to SCP-4458-B once they exit the restroom.

SCP-4458-B appears to be a derelict and dilapidated version of SCP-4458-A's interior. The dimensions of SCP-4458-B are not consistent with the exterior topography of the area along with SCP-4458-A's interior dimensions. Spores belonging to Saccharomyces cerevisiae1, are present throughout SCP-4458-B. Despite this, inhalation of these spores is not harmful and show no anomalous properties. The origin of these spores is unknown but may be correlated to SCP-4458-1 instances, however, these theories remain unproven.

SCP-4458-1 designates a small range of anomalous species and organisms that are native within SCP-4458-B. These creatures are designated SCP-4458-1A to

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