Connor's Draft No.10
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SCP-4311, circa 1908.

Item #: SCP-4311

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immobile nature of the anomaly, the exclusion zone surrounding SCP-4311 is to be closely monitored for any changes in temperature and kept away from public eye. Provisional Research Site-08 are to make adjustments to the zone of exclusion due to SCP-4311's growing territory. At this time, research into slowing or stopping SCP-4311's growth is considered top priority.

Description: SCP-4311 is the designation given to a large mass of tubular, Silicon carbide-based sessile organisms that have integrated across a valley within the Guadalupe Mountains of El Paso, Texas. These structures appear to function similarly to that of Riftia pachyptila1; lacking any digestive, reproductive, or excretory systems.

SCP-4311 forms a complex root system which has merged with the outward surface of the planet. Underground scans of the exclusion zone containing SCP-4311 reveals that these roots have integrated within the mantle, and is estimated to extend all the way down into the outer core of the Earth. These vents of SCP-4311 expel Carbon dioxide out into the atmosphere with a rough estimate of 140,500 gallons each year. SCP-4311 displays an ability to asexually reproduce by way of Fragmentation2 as well as propagation by expanding its total area. This expansion has been steadily growing at a rate of 5% each year.

SCP-4311 responds to stimulus, reacting when touched by repulsing from the point of contact as well as moving or "swaying" when left to idle. The exact nature of how SCP-4311 operates with its biology, is unknown.

Discovery: SCP-4311 was originally discovered in February of 1908 by prospectors during the Sutter Mill goldrush in the early 1900's. At that time, SCP-4311 was only a conglomerate mass. Originally presumed to house gold within the cavities, The prospectors attempted to mine for the gold using their pickaxes but spent hours trying with no result and broken tools. The prospectors tried to utilize their stacks of dynamite to break open the cliff face. The resulting explosion caused the rock face that SCP-4311 were rooted on, to collapse into the ravine below.

In 1920, SCP-4311 was rediscovered by ASCI operatives within the ravine and was cordoned off from the public. The exclusion zone surrounding SCP-4311 was established alongside Site-08.

Addendum 4311.1:

Future projections of SCP-4311 estimate that at its current rate of growth, SCP-4311 will spread and encompass the entire Eastern Seaboard in as little as 450 years. Further projections of SCP-4311 also estimate it to expand itself across the North American continent by the year 2███. Research into SCP-4311 inquires that there is no known way to slow or reverse SCP-4311's growth.

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