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SCP-4788 - Desolation

Item#: 4788
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Interior of SCP-4788.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
HUMMEV Site-62 Bruce Lannigan Kimiyo Amura N/A


One of SCP-4788's hallways.

Special Containment Procedures: The chamber door for SCP-4788 has been cordoned off from site personnel. The clearance code required to open the door and access the chamber now requires the passcodes from both Dr. Amura and Director Lannigan.

The creases of the door have been padded with soundproofing materials to stifle the noise emanating from inside. Personnel are to otherwise ignore any noise generated from within SCP-4788.

Containment specialists Vosz and Kensington are to be notified for any change or deviation in SCP-4788-α's normal behavior.

Description: SCP-4788 was an unused containment chamber specialized to contain dangerous Euclid-Class anomalous entities. Prior to the introduction of SCP-4788-α, SCP-4788 was unused for approximately six years since the time of its construction as part of the site's expansion of the the southwest sector.

SCP-4788's interior dimensions are expansive and inconsistent; individuals that enter will find themselves capable of traversing further than the physical exterior dimensions of the chamber would allow and has been observed to introduce new additions to its structure, often taking the form of ceiling lights and hallways; some of these hallways will often lead to dead ends. These sporadic changes are randomized each time a sapient being enters the chamber; no two of these changes have been observed to be the same. SCP-4788 is also capable of inducing mild electromagnetic interference in all recording devices.

SCP-4788-B is a species native to SCP-4788. SCP-4788-B instances take the appearances of skeletal systems of various aquatic organisms. These instances are capable of moving freely through space, as if swimming in water, in an unrestricted manner. Instances ignore stimulus and any action taken against them will largely be met with indifference. However, the closer the individual is to the presence of SCP-4788-α, the less recognizable each instance encountered becomes until they no longer resemble any kind of aquatic species found on Earth.

SCP-4788-α is a disembodied mannequin head that is solely responsible for the transformation of its containment unit into SCP-4788. When directly observed or in close proximity, SCP-4788-α induces feelings of dread and fear in the observing entity or entities present.

Any person that ventures further into SCP-4788 will eventually encounter SCP-4788-α regardless of the path taken. As of today, none of the individuals that have come across SCP-4788-α has ever been recovered.

Addendum 4788.1: List of Recorded SCP-4788-B Instances
Upon its discovery, Foundation-operated drone units were sent into SCP-4788 to explore its contents.

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