Connor's Draft No.11

Image of SCP-4945 prior to encounter with Dr. Argus.

Item #: SCP-4945

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As containment of SCP-4945 is no longer possible; efforts should now be focused on containing SCP-4945-1 within a Euclid-class, high security humanoid containment chamber. This chamber is outfitted with a one-way observation window and a ventilation system.

Description: SCP-4945-A is the designation given to a Noh mask1. SCP-4945 is made out of cypress wood, and is painted in the semblance of a woman. SCP-4945 possess a cognitohazardous effect; sapient entities perceive SCP-4945 moving its "mouth" at them with the same effect extending to all forms of visual media2 This effect has shown to cause physical unease and paranoia within individuals that view SCP-4945 and describe SCP-4945 as "whispering" to them.

SCP-4945-1 is the designation given to Dr. Allan Argus3, former research personnel in charge of SCP-4945.

SCP-4945-1 is a tall humanoid (roughly 3m in height) entity covered in tumorous growths that permeate from within SCP-4945 that it wears. SCP-4945-1's features are grossly emaciated with the flesh of SCP-4945-1's forearms are removed; exposing the muscle tissue and the distal phalanges, with the flesh and the surrounding tumorous growths around SCP-4945, burning to the point that the skin will fuse together along with it.

The temperature across SCP-4945-1's face is very high (around 750K - 800K). This causes the skin and flesh around SCP-4945-1 to be in a constant state of burning and peeling while simultaneously healing itself. This has caused smoke to emit from around SCP-4945-1's upper torso, except for SCP-4945 itself.


DATE: 05/05/2015

NOTE: Interview was conducted after blahblahblah


SCP-4945: Hello Sam.

Dr. Franklin does not respond.

SCP-4945: Are you-

Dr. Franklin: How did you know she was pregnant at that time?

SCP-4945: Yes, your wife. I called to her, you see? I w


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