Connor's Draft No.13

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Item #: SCP-5650

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-5650, all designations, titles, and pronouns that are used to identify what SCP-5650 is, can not be used as doing so would result in a containment breach.

Clear and concise language must be used when referring to SCP-5650. The following identifiers used on SCP-5650 which have been affected include:

  • SCP-5650
  • Mr. Franklin Kauderwelsch
  • D-99539
  • Baz
  • Test Cactus #337
  • Researcher Beckham's Samsung Galaxy J5

Personnel are reminded to never use possessive pronouns around SCP-5650 or to refer to SCP-5650 in the third-person. Only vague identifiers and allusions are allowed when describing SCP-5650 to other personnel.

Description: SCP-5650 is Mr. Franklin Kauderwelsch, an elderly human being. When SCP-5650 is referred to by any other name, title, or by pronoun, all beings that have been referred to as that same name, title, or pronoun will become SCP-5650.

The effects of SCP-5650 is intrinsically tied to the logic behind names and ignores all common sense when applied. The only identifiers immune to the transition into SCP-5650 are usually immaterial objects like code designators such as the slot of SCP-5650's own documentation. While these designations do not become SCP-5650, these designators will still function as vectors for SCP-5650; any object or being brought under the designation of SCP-5650 will become SCP-5650.

The biology of SCP-5650 appears to be human with the exceptions of the placement of the heart is located in the head where the brain should be1 and the coloration of the blood immediately turns a dark blue color when exposed to air.

Addendum 5650.1: Testing Log

Designation Description Result
D-99539 Male human of Hispanic descent SCP-5606 is given the designation of D-99539. D-99539 becomes SCP-5650 instantly afterwards. Blood is drawn from D-99539 and turned light blue when exposed to Oxygen.
Baz A nine year old Doberman rescue To observe if the effects of SCP-5650 goes beyond human beings, the designation of SCP-5650 is given to "Baz", which in turn causes the Doberman to adopt the mannerisms of SCP-5650 including vocalizing in SCP-5650's own voice. Blood test of transformation returned positive.
Test Cactus #337 A hedgehog cactus2 labelled "Test Cactus #337" with tape on the container Tape removed and replaced with the title "SCP-5650" on the container and began to bleed dark blue when a piece was cut off. Of note, was that the marker used to write the name also showed dark blue blood when it was cut open. Analysis of the flesh in the marker depicted the same DNA that is present in SCP-5650.
Researcher Beckham's Samsung Galaxy J5 A smartphone formerly owned by Researcher Jill Beckham. Because of the dangers of simply naming the device by its actual product name (as that would in turn cause all Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphones to become SCP-5650), Researcher Beckham's name was added to signify a single individual's connection to the designated target. The phone was reset of all its logged properties and all traces to Researcher Beckham removed. A new account was then created with all questions answered with "SCP-5650". When completed, Researcher Beckham's Samsung Galaxy J5 operated as normal but all text was replaced with the designations that SCP-5650 previously affected. Researcher Beckham's Samsung Galaxy J5 was later bisected and began to bleed dark blue. Analysis of the flesh in Researcher Beckham's Samsung Galaxy J5 depicted the same DNA that is present in SCP-5650.


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