Connor's Draft No.14
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Item #: SCP-4749 Level 3/4749
Object Class: Euclid Classified


Fig 1.2: SCP-4749's effect on the environment. Blood testing on the walls match no known species on Earth.

Special Containment Procedures: The Northrop Hotel has been purchased by the Foundation with all employee positions operated by undercover Foundation agents. The men's restroom of the second floor is to be closed off to the public and locked up, citing sanitary problems. No other containment procedures are necessary.

UPDATE: The men's restroom of the second floor has been sealed off with concrete in the formation of a new wall taking the restroom door's place (See Addendum 4749.02 for more information). Personnel are to ignore any sounds or noises that may emanate from the wall. Additionally, personnel are to remain vigilant and observant of any vermin that may appear or act unnatural along with any large holes or foul-smelling odors that may come from grate openings or cracks and are to report these to the HMCL supervisor.


Fig 1.1: SCP-4749

Description: SCP-4749 refers to an enMotion1 brand paper towel dispenser in the men's restroom on the second floor of the Northrop Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The primary anomalous nature of SCP-4749 manifests as an unknown quantity of paper towels. Sheets removed from SCP-4749 are non-anomalous and do not appear to have any other function other then to dry human hands. It is currently unknown if there is a limit to how much paper towels that SCP-4749 can produce.

SCP-4749's secondary anomalous property is the effect that occurs in the environment when the towel sheets are pulled. When pulled, the restroom will simultaneously begin to degrade in condition depending on the amount of paper towels removed. As the restroom's form begins to distort, the manifestation of vermian entities, such as rats, cockroaches, and even worms, begin to appear. These animals are also affected by SCP-4749 as the entities begin to distort into grotesque and malformed creatures bearing little to no resemblance of their original forms2. This effect, however, can be reversed by pushing the paper towel roll back in its place, causing all deterioration within the restroom to gradually disappear, bringing the restroom to its original quality3.

Addendum 4749.01: Exploration Logs

Addendum 4749.02: 08/07/2015 Incident

On August 7th, 2015, Foundation agents reported a foul-smelling odor emanating from the storage room in the third floor kitchen. massive influx of creatures resembling vermian entities from the second and third floors of the hotel. Mobile Task Force Lambda-12 ("Pest Control") responded and were quickly dispatched to deal with the threat. The invading vermin present appeared to have physical traits and qualities similar to that of rats but grossly misshapen with matted fur and deformed features. Among these is the presence of insectoid legs and antennae, thick segmented tails, and even humanlike hands and faces. DNA testing of the creatures revealed a close relation to organisms belonging to the orders of Megadrilacea, Blattodea, Rodentia, and Primates.

During cleanup, one of the creatures had a message carved into its abdomen with a small, sharp piece of a ceramic tile. The message is transcribed below:

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