Connor's Draft No.15
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Item #: SCP-7999

Object Class: Thaumiel? Keter?

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7999 is kept inside of a mountain twelve miles from Site-13. The entrance is hidden on the side, surveyed by cameras. It is protected with motion sensing .50 caliber turrets and a failsafe tremor machine that will cause an avalanche over the entrance. Entry is only permitted with the assistance of three members from Alpha-9, alongside the presence of an O-5. A fingerprint scanner confirms the identity of the Alpha-9 personnel, whereas a retina scanner confirms the identity of the O5 present.
Description: SCP-7999 is a computer screen the size of a billboard. Behind the screen are cables and wires. The room is only illuminated by small lights on the ground, showing a path to a podium with an old, beige keyboard on top, now known as SCP-7999-1. SCP-7999-1 is connected to the screen, and typing in the phrase “Hello” activates SCP-7999. Upon activation, the screen turns on and glows a bright white. Black text will appear on the screen.
Hello again. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Typing a response will prompt SCP-7999 to say;
Consider it done.

Responding to this will cause the subject, now known as SCP-7999-2, to be transformed into the person most depicting their response. SCP-7999-2 will then disappear amongst a bright light from SCP-7999’s chamber, reappearing in their personal quarters. During this time, a trembling sensation occurs in the room, fading as SCP-7999-2 has disappeared. Interrogations with SCP-7999-2 show they recall memories of their original selves. The only personnel to recall the body switch are those whom’s bodies were switched.

Should SCP-7999 be activated, It will initiate a CK-Class reality reconfiguration event, resulting in an end of the world scenario.


  • find some images
  • connections with Dr. Zartion as a project prior to the creation of SCP-2000
  • Ethics Committee connections? Dr. Cimmerian or Kondraki namedrop?
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