Connor's Draft No.15
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Item #: SCP-4189
Object Class: Euclid
Site Responsible: GERDEC Site-50
Director: Peter Riverson
Research Head: Marcus Faye
Assigned Task Force: N/A
Level 3/4189


Interior of SCP-4189. Picture taken on the sixth floor.

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-4189 has been acquired by the Foundation. A chain link fence is set up around the building with three agents stationed around this zone. The doorway leading to SCP-4189 has been sealed with a 4-digit electronic lock mechanism in place of the doorknob. A single surveillance camera is attached to the top left of the wall opposite to SCP-4189's door.

Individuals that attempt to enter SCP-4189's containment zone are to be detained at Site-50 and brought in for questioning and processing. Individuals that manage to enter SCP-4189 are to be considered lost and no attempt to recover these individuals are to be made.

Description: SCP-4189 is a staircase located at the left side of an abandoned textile factory in Davenport, Iowa. The majority of this facility is destroyed with the building only going up to three floors. The interior of SCP-4189 remains largely untouched and has numbers painted on the walls of each floor to guide individuals as to what floor they are currently on. SCP-4189 has ceiling lights for each floor, however, these lights are dimly lit and a few of these lights do not function at all.

Individuals that go up the steps will find the resulting floors to be in various states of disrepair and dilapidation. The state of disrepair increases with each floor as the individual ascends.

Despite the outside exterior terminating at the third floor of the building, SCP-4189's interior has shown to extend far upwards with no apparent end. Individuals that ascend past the sixth floor will be met with the arrival of SCP-4189-1.

SCP-4189-1 is a being or force that manifests at the ground level of SCP-4189 and causes electromagnetic interference within SCP-4189. The electromagnetic interference does not affect electronics outside of SCP-4189's door. This interference causes the lights within SCP-4189 to malfunction when in proximity to SCP-4189-1 before being destroyed completely as it passes by.

SCP-4189-1 will slowly ascend the floors, in an attempt to catch up to the individual in question. Individuals will then begin to feel an extreme sense of dread and fear and will start running up the steps in an attempt to get away from SCP-4189-1. In all cases, not one person has managed to escape SCP-4189-1 nor has any person managed to find an exit out of SCP-4189.

Addendum 4189.01: Exploration Logs

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