Connor's Draft No.17
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East side of the Bunchwood Steelworks Mill. Primary industrial plant not pictured.

Item #: SCP-4744

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-4744-1 refers to an abandoned steel mill previously owned by Bunchwood Steelworks1. SCP-4744-1 is heavily rusted or decomposed and blah blah. The interior topology of SCP-4744 is inconsistent and maze-like; halls and passages will move or change direction when unobserved with some paths leading to dead ends.

Sapient entities that enter SCP-4744-1 have been

SCP-4744-2 is an extremely large humanoid amalgamation of rusted metals,_Mill_Pond%22-_the_Rathbun_Company%27s_sawmill_in_Deseronto,_Ontario,_in_winter,_from_the_southeast,_looking_northwest._(3643195177).jpg

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