Connor's Draft No.2
Item #: SCP-4191
Object Class: Keter
Site Responsible: NETHOZ Site-98
Director: Hector Henshaw
Research Head: Aveline Du Laguerre
Assigned Task Force: N/A
Level 4/4191


SCP-4191-A (Left) and SCP-4191-B (Right). SCP-4191-C not present in photograph.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the distance and size of SCP-4191, all research personnel assigned to this anomaly are to study ways of stopping SCP-4191. Field Agents are to be dispatched to various scientific institutions and civilian observatories in order to restrict and suppress further dissemination around the discovery and knowledge pertaining to SCP-4191.

The Orobas Command Center (OCC) are to relay a direct line of communication to all Foundation Sites and Areas across the planet to provide updates on the current events around SCP-4191. The OCC are to constantly monitor SCP-4191 through the use of Foundation satellite feed.

Description: SCP-4191 appears as a star system in the Large Magellanic Cloud located 940,000 light-years away from Earth. SCP-4191-A and SCP-4191-B emit visible light. Despite both SCP-4191-A and SCP-4191-B appearance as as binary stars, both lack a barycenter as they have never been observed to orbit around each other.

SCP-4191-C is an large gravitational or spacetime anomaly spanning over 300 light years across in diameter; situated below both SCP-4191-A and SCP-4191-B. Planetary systems that encounter SCP-4162-C are subjected to its gravitational pull and enter its threshold. It is unknown if objects that enter SCP-4191-C are destroyed or simply become undetectable by Foundation equipment. It is unknown if they can be recovered at all. SCP-4191-C is capable of emitting strong gravitational forces comparable to its own size. However, the gravity emitted by SCP-4191-C is inconsistent as it has shown at times to not affect other planetary and star systems around it. SCP-4191-A and SCP-4191-B are immune to these effects.

Addendum 4191.1: Log of Anomalous Phenomena

The following is a list of events and anomalous phenomena originating around or affecting SCP-4191.

Addendum 4191.2 Internal Memo from Dr. Aveline Du Laguerre

Addendum 4191.3: Internal Memo from Dr. Geoff Hallon

Addendum 4191.4: Transmission

On March 18, 2017, Foundation Satellites picked up a series of gravitational fluctuations originating from Andromeda. Specifically, from the center of SCP-4191-C. These messages were then relayed to the OOC for decryption. These fluctuations came in the form of gravitational waves spiking in a pattern similar to that of Morse code. The following transmission reads as follows:


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