Connor's Draft No.22


The following file describes graphic and violent content in explicit detail. Only authorized personnel of the Foundation Medical Division are given access to this document.

The following usage of this item has been approved by the Foundation Board of Directors and the Ethics Committee in accordance to Protocol No. 392080-AB of the FEM (Foundation Ethics Mandate) for the purpose of proper use in the testing of mental fortitude and emotional stability of personnel.

- Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian



Item #: SCP-4191

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4191 is stored in a Safe-Class locker at Site-98's Medical Divison. Usage of SCP-4191 is allowed only through the study of the patient's psyche and mental stability.

Usage of SCP-4191 is limited to psychological evaluations and exclusive to personnel under the Psychology subdivision. Due to the mental stress given by SCP-4191, it is to limit the use of SCP-4191 for psychiatric interpretation of patients only.

Permissions pertaining to SCP-4191 usage may only be approved by Dr. Glass.

Description: SCP-4191 refers to a pair of eyeglasses typically used for vision correction. SCP-4292 bears no product label and lacks any form of manufacturer name.

SCP-4191's anomalous features manifest when an individual (known as SCP-4191-A) wears it. When worn, SCP-4191 cannot be removed from the observer's face by exterior force and may only be removed by the primary wearer.

When observing people through the lenses, SCP-4191 will depict violent wounds, lacerations, and other kinds of physical trauma on other sapient beings. Wounds depicted oftentimes appear self-inflicted and are achieved through unorthodox methods1. Individuals observed through SCP-4191 are seen alive and act normally. If the trauma depicted is grave enough to cause death, the individuals are depicted lying down and apathetic; they appear as unresponsive and detached but are still capable of speaking and acting normally but will show no response to ocular stimuli such as pupil dilation or eye movement. Individuals are still capable of talking and moving their mouths; the reason for why this is possible is currently unknown.

Addendum 4191.01: D-Class Observations

The following table below describes various physical trauma on D-Class individuals observed through SCP-4191. All D-Class individuals sat across a table with Drs. Gold, Ojomo, and DeWitt volunteering and taking turns between each individual with Dr. Glass and Dr. Tahana serving as outside observer through the test windows. NOTE: In 27% of all experiments, subjects that are observed cannot perceive the SCP-4191-A individuals.

Subject Observer Resulting Injuries State
D-10017 Dr. Ojomo D-10017 appears to have been stabbed with a large knife in the lower abdominal region. The knife slides laterally and causes the stab wound to widen; the subject's intestines spill out. Deceased
D-63722 Dr. DeWitt D-63722 appears with scratches and epidermal lacerations around and across the face and neck area. Subject's face deemed unrecognizable. Alive
D-49020 Dr. Gold D-49020 appears completely nude and skinned; lacking any skin or dermis whatsoever. Alive
D-83204 Dr. Ojomo D-83204's chest has a knife embedded deep at the center of the chest. No other injuries are observed. Deceased
D-51921 Dr. DeWitt D-51921 rendered nonexistent. Subject disappears upon wearing SCP-4191. Dr. Norton does not hear any noise or perceive any actions made by D-51921. Dr. DeWitt walks to D-51921 and moves his hand around D-51921's seat. Outside observation of the room reveals that Dr. DeWitt has become completely intangible to D-51291. N/A

Addendum 4191.02: Psychological Evaluations of Personnel

Subject Observer Resulting Injuries State
Dr. Ivan Griffith Dr. Ojomo Subject appears with a large gunshot wound through the left side of the subject's head. Subject carries a snub-nosed S&W 500 revolver in his left hand. Deceased
Dr. Yves Tardtakovsky Dr. Gold Subject is rendered nonexistent and is later prescribed with antidepressants. N/A
Researcher Jennifer Robinson Dr. DeWitt Subject has a history of self-harm as evident by the scars formed across the wrists. Upon observation through SCP-4191, the subject's wrists no longer display the scars but a longer slash that runs parallel to the underside of the wrists now appears. Subject was later treated again to intensive therapy and is currently under behavioral observation. Deceased
Agent Danielle Cooper Dr. Ojomo Dr. Subject is rendered nonexistent and is later prescribed with antidepressants. N/A
Dr. Emmett Lannigan Dr. Gold Subject lies on the floor as a large boulder appears to have fallen on his face; crushing the head completely. Deceased
Agent Allan Stone Dr. DeWitt Subject appears with a large ballistic injury across the face and through the head. A Foundation-issued combat shotgun appears between his legs and is held with both hands. Subject later placed in intensive therapy under suicide watch. Deceased
Agent Natasha Ridgewell Dr. Ojomo Subject appears to have suffered heavy bruising and scarring around the knuckles. Examination of the wounds appear to have been caused by the striking of a hard, abrasive surface. Alive
Researcher Kenneth Yang Dr. Gold Subject appears with scratches and scars across the torso , arms, and legs. Alive
Researcher Franklin Lawton Dr. DeWitt Subject is rendered nonexistent and is later prescribed with antidepressants. N/A
Dr. Jack Bright Dr. Glass Subject's death varies each time SCP-4191 is worn. Some of these deaths have included various forms of physical trauma to the head, Incineration, mutilation, hanging, and exanguination. In all of these deaths, SCP-963 always appears damaged in some form with varying levels of severity. Deceased

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