Connor's Draft No.22

Fig 1.1: Deceased specimen of SCP-4366 (inspection by Dr. Qantim, pictured). Click and hold to enlarge.

Item #: SCP-4366

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the social nature of SCP-4366, instances in the wild are to be kept in the forests of Reykjavík, Iceland and have reduced social interaction beyond its own species.

Any large, shining objects are to be kept away from these forests due to the risk of SCP-4366 instances taking them away.

Description: SCP-4366 are a species of large avian organisms that are believed to be one of the few species ever recorded to have developed antimemetic camouflage1 as a way to ward off predators. The species is native and endemic to the forests of Elliðaárdalur valley in Reykjavík, Iceland.

SCP-4366 is currently the largest flying species to ever exist and is believed to have been around since the Pleistocene epoch2. SCP-4366 were black in coloration and had a wingspan of over 6.8 to 7.2 meters. The species had a pseudo-beak or bill and had six eyes; three on each side of the head and weighed over 98 kg. SCP-4366 lacked the need to eat, drink, or sleep, except for the need to breath through gills located on the underside of the wings. They are capable of taking in Nitrogen from the atmosphere and converting it into Oxygen as a waste product.

SCP-4366's perceptual nature is believed to exist as a form of camouflage to throw off larger predators, giving the species a better chance at survival. However, this antimemetic camouflage goes away upon expiration of the organism.

Addendum 4366.01: Memo regarding SCP-4366's biology

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