Connor's Draft No.24

Image of Site-36. SCP-5779 was not visible during the period of manifestation.

Item #: SCP-5779

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5779 is kept under close surveillance by internal Foundation security for any changes in its state. Due to the placement and size of SCP-5779, a Bellenson-Wickers Perceptibility Negation Field has been set up along the outside dimensions of SCP-5779's structure in the event of its materialization.

SCP-5779-A is subject to weekly interviews to assess its mental faculties and emotional stability.

Description: SCP-5779 refers to Sector-14; a nonexistent portion of Site-36 located on the west side of the facility that occasionally flickers in and out of existence. SCP-5779 does not register on all anomalous indexes as an anomalous phenomenon. Kant Counters and other reality gauges do not register SCP-5779 as anomalous on any anomalous indexes. Likewise, temporal/reality dampening technology has no effect on SCP-5779, making it completely immune to all forms of reality stabilization and chronal resistance; making it a relativity sink1.

The interior dimensions of Sector-14 are inconsistent with any layouts provided from repeated ventures into the building. For the most part, Sector-14 is unfurnished and devoid of any objects, technology, anomalies, and personnel save for SCP-5779-A and its belongings.

SCP-5779-A appears to be a female humanoid taking the appearance of a Foundation employee. SCP-5779-A is affected by a phenomenon that renders its general appearance randomly altered and nearly imperceptible to all viewers2, including recorded content of itself.

SCP-5779-A refers to itself as one "Hannah Bellock", a senior researcher for the Foundation with intimate knowledge on an entity it refers to only as "God", further attempts to shed light on this figure by SCP-5779-A have been met with nonsensical ramblings on the nature of the Foundation and its purpose as well as the falsehood of the being's position as a god.

Foundation personnel files display no records of SCP-5779-A's existence or any record of its employment within the Foundation.

Addendum 5779.1: Interview Transcript

The following interview was conducted from within the confines of SCP-5779 due to SCP-5779-A's inability to leave the sector itself. It is unknown if SCP-5779-A is physically incapable of leaving the building due to an outside force preventing it from exiting or chooses not to do so.

Date: May 10, 2020

Interviewer: Dr. Marshall Kleiner

Interviewed: SCP-5779-A ("Hannah Bellock")

Location: SCP-5779 ("Sector-14"); Undesignated Containment Chamber room


Dr. Kleiner: Hello.

SCP-5779-A does not respond.

Dr. Kleiner: (Clears throat) Hello?

SCP-5779-A: (SCP-5779-A looks up at Dr. Kleiner.) Hello. Hello.

Dr. Kleiner: Hi there. Do you know who you are?

SCP-5779-A: Ha- Hannah Bellock. Level three clearance.

Dr. Kleiner: Alright… do you know where your position is?

SCP-5779-A: Site-36.

Dr. Kleiner: Okay, do you know how you got here?

SCP-5779-A: I don't know.

Dr. Kleiner: Okay, you said that you're a… a senior researcher, right? In what field is that? What's your specialization?

SCP-5779-A: I- I don't know. I just know that it's something I'm good at. I don't- I don't know.

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