Connor's Draft No.25

Inactive SCP-5222-A specimen.

Item #: SCP-5222

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel stationed in the city of Rexburg are to suppress any knowledge of SCP-5222's existence to the general public. Likewise, field agents are to be stationed in dental clinics and report any young adults suffering from toothaches of any form.

Field agents proficient in the field of dentistry and oral hygiene must extract any teeth that may cause physical ailments in the affected adolescent. Extracted teeth are then analysed by the dental auxillaries of MTF-Upsilon-8 ("Cavity Creeps")1 to determine if these teeth are viable SCP-5222-A instances.

Description: SCP-5222 refers to an event that occurs in the city of Rexburg, Idaho. This event occurs when the third set of molars in a human being's teeth begin showing signs of sapience and starts communicating with their host. This effect occurs in young adults2 that have complained of physical pain affecting their teeth. This phenomenon has a 3.8% chance of occurring and increases by a factor of five if not treated.

Once the affected individual acknowledges the pain residing in the molars, the tooth or teeth causing the pain, designated SCP-5222-A, will begin communicating with the human host. Conversations between the afflicted individual and SCP-5222-A usually involve beratement from SCP-5222-A to the affected person. It is not fully understood as to what causes the animosity from SCP-5222-A or how the instances are capable of communication despite lacking the necessary functions to vocalize; suggesting that the communication between the host and the instances are telepathic in nature.

These conversations will continue for days; ranging from 5 days to a single week, often growing in intensity between the two until SCP-5222-A begins to shake erratically from its place in the jawbone and is violently ejected from the mouth of the individual.

Upon removal, individuals begin showing signs of weakness and enervation with the jettisoned SCP-5222-A instances immediately growing in size by several feet. These instances will manifest various blunt weapons from behind their backs3 and will attempt to surround and strike the individual with these weapons.

The beating of these individuals by SCP-5222-A instances lasts until the affected individual is rendered unconscious by the attacks, which will culminate in all SCP-5222-A instances to revert back to their original size and form instantly; becoming non-anomalous. Any weapons created by these instances will demanifest ten seconds after they make contact with the ground. Once the individual regains consciousness again, all injuries sustained by the assault will heal immediately. These individuals have no recollection of such events ever happening but will complain of soreness in the third molar area4.

Addendum 5222.1: The following transcript was taken from security camera footage outside a convenience store at 4:18 AM. The transcript follows Quentin Trackton exiting the store. Mr. Smythe was reported to have been suffering from the complications of his erupting wisdom teeth.


Active SCP-5222-A instance residing in Mr. Trackton's jaw.

Video Log Transcript

Subject: Quentin Trackton

Location: 7-11 Store, Rexburg, Madison County, Idaho

Equipment: One security camera positioned outside the store on the ceiling.


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