Connor's Draft No.25
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Hallway leading to SCP-5505. Door located on the right side.

Item #: SCP-5595

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Hospitality Inn has been purchased by the Foundation with all employees replaced by undercover agents. The door to SCP-5595 is to be kept locked and closed off to the public with construction work as the reasoning behind its closure.

Description: SCP-5595 is Room 306 located on the second floor of the Hospitality Inn in Kirkwood, Missouri. SCP-5595 is inhabited by two entities: SCP-5595-A, and SCP-5595-B.

Any object displaced from inside SCP-5505 will be relocated back to its original place upon a second viewing. Likewise, any object originating from SCP-5595 and brought outside will immediately disintegrate upon crossing the threshold and reappearing again in its original location.

While noises emanating from within SCP-5595 can be detected, any noise louder than 65 dB will not be heard from outside the room.


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