Connor's Draft No.26
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Item #: SCP-5045
Object Class: Safe
Site Responsible: USMILA Site-19
Director: Tilda Moose
Research Head: Alto Clef
Assigned Task Force: Psi-5
Level 1/5045


SCP-5045 at rest.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5045 is kept inside a chamber with its walls lined with impact-cancelling gelatin. Handling of SCP-5045 must be done with extreme care as slight abrupt movements may cause SCP-5045 to become active.

MTF-Psi-5 ("Just Business") are currently handling the investigation into PoI-7000's business practices and products.

Description: SCP-5045 is a basketball that stores an undefined amount of kinetic energy within. When acted upon by a force, SCP-5045 will immediately accelerate from the the force acted on it. The speed of of SCP-5045 varies with impact with its highest reaching at 40,300 kilometers per hour1. SCP-5045 is resistant to all forms of damage and appears to be virtually indestructible.

SCP-5045 does not lose momentum with every impact and appears to gain more each time it collides with any surface or object. SCP-5045 can only be slowed down using elastic or rubber materials to lessen the momentum from each impact.

Discovery: SCP-5045 was discovered in Hendersonville, North Carolina following an emergency call from North Hendersonville High School. The emergency call stated that a "large orange missile" had begun to terrorize the school's gym. Foundation task force units disguised as medical services were sent to the school. Reports claimed that there were over 49 wounded with several students sent away with life-threatening injuries and one casualty.

An autopsy of Mr. Jeffery Kitz (The gym teacher for the high school and the one casualty) revealed that SCP-5045 struck the upper right side of his face; snapping the cervical vertebrae and killing him instantly. One of the students that fled the scene (Robert Kranston) was discovered within the janitor's closet of the gym and was later apprehended. Inside the janitor's closet consisted of various basketballs, sports equipment, and rubber shoes locked inside a cage and were found to possess the same anomalous properties as SCP-5045. When questioned on the incident, Mr. Kranston claimed that he had used a rubberized aerosol spray on SCP-5045 to grant its anomalous properties and gave an empty can labelled "Stanley's Coat of Arms Rubber-Bouncer". Mr. Kranston claimed that he had sprayed the sports equipment inside the closet as well as SCP-5045 were sprayed with the same aerosol albeit show a lesser degree of their anomalous properties compared to SCP-5045.

When interviewed on the creator of the product, Mr. Kranston claimed that his brother, Stanley Kranston2, was responsible for its creation. MTF Agents were then sent to the Kranston residence were it was found to have been recently abandoned just short of a few hours after Robert Kranston had informed his brother of the accident.

The basement of the house had been found to possess laboratory equipment and apparatuses along with the blueprints for the creation of the aerosol spray and other products under Stanley Kranston's name. These products are currently undergoing chemical synthesis and extraction to identify the unknown chemical elements within.

A mobile phone was found in the garbage bin inside the basement. A collection of communication logs between Stanley Kranston (hereby referred to as PoI-7000) and various other members of GoI-5869, have been collected below.
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