Connor's Draft No.27

Dr. Joey Tabaroni, creator of the tabs system and infamous data organizing fetishist1.

Item #: SCP-600-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Proper memetic inoculation must be given prior to exposure to SCP-600-J's effects. Efforts to cull disgust and repulsion in SCP-600-J are currently underway. The following steps, in no particular order, must be done when encountering SCP-600-J:

  • Pray you don't encounter it.
  • Killing yourself is a far better alternative than dealing with this.
  • Did I mention to pray?
  • Just turn off your computer or something.
  • Read a book, check your Twitter feed, talk to your parents about that argument you had, I don't care.

Description: SCP-600-J refers to a single variety of information layout of SCP articles and attachments used on Foundation intranet servers and filing systems. SCP-600-J is capable of self-evolving on its own and has since become sentient and aware of its current status as the most reviled layout design for data tabulation ever.

While out of use by many2 (and considered by most to be repulsive), SCP-600-J generally appears as a table with multiple tabs appearing at the top for quick navigation. SCP-600-J was the first layout of data organization used in the Foundation, making it the oldest and most widely-used format of organization in the history of its conception. However, many abhorred this method of data tabulation; resulting in various Foundation technicians to develop their own version of tabulating and organizing their data.

At some point, after various Foundation personnel began using other methods of organizing their data, the original layout became sentient and had begun spreading itself across Foundation intranet servers. This dissemination of SCP-600-J has caused much annoyance and frustration across most Foundation technicians and senior staff members.

Addendum: Finally, a way to get rid of this piece of crap.

According to Dr. Johannes Sorts of the Memetics Department, he theorized that constant observation of SCP-600-J may eventually result in the total and complete neutralization of SCP-600-J's effect on personnel. Simply put, ignoring the horrible appearance could be enough to-

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