Connor's Draft No.28
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Instance of SCP-599-A-J manifesting as a sailboat.

Item #: SCP-599-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-599-J is contained within its area of manifestation by a

Description: SCP-599-J refers to a circular area located in the Labrador Sea of the Atlantic Ocean. SCP-599-J manifests various marine vessels (SCP-599-1-J) populated by various individuals under Foundation employment or humanoid anomalies currently in containment (SCP-599-A-J).

Most watercraft endemic to SCP-599-J are usually populated by at least two individuals but may reach as large as thirty on a single vessel. Each instance of SCP-599-1-J on their vessels have been observed to be in a personally close relationship and engage in romantic activities such as hugging, kissing, handholding, and coitus.

Certain individual instances have reappeared on different vessels simultaneously with different partners. In cases like this, both vessels will engage in naval combat with each other, regardless of whether or not the watercraft they inhabit carries any form of naval weaponry. Combat between the two SCP-599-1-J instances often involve the two ramming into one another (as most SCP-599-1-J instances manifested take the form of civilian watercraft) with their bow until one of the vessels' structural integrity fails and begins to sink. SCP-599-A-J instances are completely oblivious to this event and do not appear to notice. Should the vessel they inhabit lose in naval combat with another, all individuals aboard the watercraft will cease all biological functions as soon as they come into contact with seawater.

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