Connor's Draft No.30
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Item #: SCP-5399

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5399 is kept inside a low-security Safe Class anomalous item locker with a 4-digit passcode lock. Instances of SCP-5899-1 are to be kept within anomalous animal reserve domiciles should any instances emerge. These entities are to be fed daily with a sugar water solution feeder. Under no circumstances should SCP-5399-1 be disturbed.

Investigation into the identity of PoI-9000 is currently underway. All devices, materials, and items utilized by PoI-9000 is any way are to be collected for analysis.

Description: SCP-5399 is a short (10 cm in length) knife of unknown origin and composition in pristine condition. Microscopic inspection of SCP-5399's stylized handle reveals satanic imagery and iconography in a spiral pattern originating from the top of the hilt before descending to the pommel. The pommel itself bears a Septenary Sigil1 with a pentagram in the center.

SCP-5899's anomalous properties manifest when its holder makes a cut across the flesh of a living human being; regardless of the depth of the cut or its placement, human victims will remain alive for the following effects.

When a cut is made using SCP-5399, the individual will begin to slowly convulse and be in extreme distress. From there, the individual's skin begins to bloat as bat-like organisms (SCP-5399-1) emerge from the wound.

SCP-5399-1 appear as flying mammals from the order Chiroptera. These organisms are red in coloration, lack an epidermal layer and any facial features recognizable of its species2; instead, these entities possess human qualities across their faces such as the random placement of multiple human eyes spread across or a single human mouth capable of unhinging its jaws complete with lips. SCP-5399-1 are capable of vocalization in the form of low-baritone human voices speaking in unison3. How SCP-5399-1 is capable of these vocalizations despite some of the instances lacking a mouth to do so, remains unknown.

These creatures will immediately exit from any orifice in the body, while the wound itself is mostly used, oftentimes SCP-5399-1 will attempt to escape from either the nose, ears, eyes, and mouth of the subject but these ultimately depend on the placement of the wounds.

The amount of SCP-5399-1 instances that escape ranges between 20 to 35 inhabiting the individual. Once all entities leave, all that remains of the subject is their skin; which is completely empty of all internal organs, skeletal structure, muscle tissue, and even blood vessels. The skin itself permanently retains its elastic properties.

SCP-5399-1 appears to function with a hive mentality; often operating in unison and fighting other SCP-5399-1 colonies for territory. SCP-5399-1 instances are docile unless one of their members is attacked. By then, all entities belonging to that group will immediately scream at the attacker and proceed to bite or scratch at the provoker until the death of the entire SCP-5399-1 colony or the attacking individual.

Addendum 5399.1: Video Discovery
SCP-5399 was discovered at the front gates of Site-98 on 2/14/2020, wrapped inside a plastic bag with a note bearing the words "hope you got my present!" and ended with a crudely drawn smiley face in black marker. Site-98's surveillance system did not catch anything on its feed as it appeared the bag had suddenly materialized at the front gate on its own. Motion sensors sense any movement and Foundation outpost guards claimed that no one approached the gates.

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