Connor's Draft No.4
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Picture taken directly from Michelle Wendell's phone.

Item #: SCP-5770

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the global reach of the anomaly, Personnel assigned to SCP-5770 must be inoculated prior to accessing the related file. Dr. Sorts is currently maintaining research and study of SCP-5770's anomalous effects. Personnel that experience any of the following symptoms related in this documentation must alert their HMCL Supervisor and report a breach in containment as well as undergo amnestic therapy.

Subjects affected by SCP-5770 are to be brought into Foundation custody by MTF-Phi-Eolh ("Provident Trawlers") and given Class-D amnestics and as a preventative measure. Families, acquaintances, and other known associates of the infected are to be handled by field agents and implement cover story 707-RN ("Presumed Dead") to conceal processing of afflicted persons. Any individuals that are dendrophobic1 and/or hylophobic2 are to be presumed infected and must also be detained.

In cases where amnestics fail to remove SCP-5770's influence, personnel have been authorized to neutralize these subjects.

UPDATE: SCP-5770's effect has now spread to other arboreal species. As of 04/11/2022, SCP-5770 has expanded into the genera of Quercus, Fagus, and Populus.

Description: SCP-5770 is a contagious memetic phenomenon affecting all hardwood trees in the Betula genus with detrimental results on the cognitive behavior of sapient beings. SCP-5770 refers to the presence of lenticels that form alongside the bark of Birch trees that take the shape of a single eye. The presence of these eyes only appears on persons that have seen SCP-5770 directly, or have been made aware of SCP-5770's existence in some manner3.

Symptoms of SCP-5770 are near undetectable as they do not appear to be different from other symptoms of mental illnesses and phobic traits and are only noticeable in later stages of development.

Infectee Symptoms Effects Length of Infection
Insomnia and mood swings Subjects will display mild insomnia and an aversion to birch trees. Subjects are incapable of explaining this sudden repulsion. Subjects will also start to see at least a single eye on one birch tree they may encounter. 1-5 days
Insomnia, anxiety, and paranoia Subjects display intense feelings of anxiety around birch trees. Subjects actively refuse to look directly at any birch trees and will ignore their existence. 1 week
Panic disorder, hypervigilance, dendrophobic traits against birch trees and nausea Subjects begin to see "eyes" across all birch trees. Subjects express extreme fear and dread when looking at birch trees. 1-3 weeks
Psychosis, social withdrawal, disorganized speech patterns, and Paraphrenia Subjects begin to hallucinate hearing voices emanating from any birch tree nearby, subjects describe these voices as "high-pitched whispering and laughing". Subjects describe the "eyes" of the birch trees to move in a manner similar to that of human eyes such as pupil dilation and blinking. Subjects express feelings of dread, claiming that the "eyes" will follow them wherever they go. 1-5 months
Schizophrenic personality disorder, dysfunctional cognitive abilities, and suicidal ideation. Subjects begin to lose all ability to discern fiction from reality and may attempt to commit suicide. SCP-5770 undergoes memetic mutative properties and expandes onto other arboreal species. Infected individuals begin to hallucinate the presence of multiple large mouths and the outlines of human faces on the trees. 5 months to 1 year
DATA EXPUNGED Subjects express extreme dread and fear towards all trees. All subjects will begin hallucinating that all trees are covered in fleshy, eye-like growths and proclaim that the trees are "chasing" them. When questioned on how this is possible, subjects begin to describe detailed hallucinations of being chased in the clearing of a forest at midnight by a single birch tree covered in eyes and "moving too fast" with erratic and sudden movements of its branches and roots. 1-4 years

Addendum 5770.1: Voicemail Transcript

On 15/08/2022, Foundation personnel had received a call emanating from a summer home located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Upon arrival, task force agents reported that all the doors in the house had been opened with the exception of the basement door, which appeared to have been broken apart from its lock.

Inside the basement, task force agents came across the corpse of Michelle Wendell, the daughter of Franklin and Lianne Wendell4 and twin sister to Michael Wendell, holding a bloodied fork in their left hand with their right hand holding their own eyes.

A nearby phone was recovered with a saved voicemail sent to an unknown contact. The following is an audio transcript of the voicemail.

Hello? He- Hello? Mikey? Are you there?

Michelle begins to breathe rapidly. Her voice starts to break with each exhale.

Oh God. Oh — Oh my God, Mikey, I'm so — I'm so, so sorry. I shouldn't have come back. I-

Michelle is interrupted by three sharp knocks nearby.

No, no, no. Please — no, not now. Mikey… Th- They're here. Dad's gone. Mom's gone too, I can't hear her outside anymore.

The knocking on the door gets louder.

Please, Mikey… don't — whatever you do, don't let them take you. They're here for you and me. Mom and-

Michelle begins to sob quietly as the banging on the door gets louder.

Oh God, I'm so sorry. Mikey, you have to run, okay? Run and don't look at them. Whatever you do, do not look at the trees. Don't look at them.

Groans can be heard from Michelle.

They're — they're everywhere, Mikey. They're in the trees. Th- Ah- Au-

Michelle screams in pain.

I — I won't let them- take me. Th-

Michelle is interrupted by a loud bang.

They're here.

The sound of cracking wood can be heard from a distance. Michelle's sobs are louder than before.

M- Mikey, don't look at them. Don't ever look at them. Because if — if you can see them…

The sound of wood breaking and quiet laughter can be heard.

…they can see you too.

The whereabouts of Michael Wendell are currently unknown. Search efforts for Michael Wendell are underway.

Source: Picture belongs to Sci#7316 on Discord

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