Connor's Draft No. 5
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Photo of an early section of Route Aleph.

Item #: SCP-5332

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The fifteenth floor of Site-58 has been requisitioned for the containment and testing of SCP-5332-A and -B. Any personnel experiencing feelings of comfort, ease, or familiarity with Route Aleph should immediately notify security personnel and the head researcher on duty before self administering a Walden-Ydau test. Positive scores (Ydau-3 and above) should continue toward containment as usual. Negative scores (Walden-3 and below) should remain in place and wait to be retrieved by security personnel. Neutral scores should walk backward toward containment and/or wear their standard issue Site-58 Vertigo Lens. Route Aleph is to be fully ████████ and █████████ on a quarterly basis. Personnel assigned to SCP-5332 are to be rotated ███████.

Route Aleph is defined as the path taken by research and security personnel assigned to SCP-5332 beginning with [DATA EXPUNGED] corridor leading to the central office on the fifteenth floor.

Operating Procedures (updated 6 days ago): In an effort to lower operational costs, testing with SCP-5332-A is limited to personnel with clearance level 01/5332 and above. Before testing, qualified personnel should acquire a list of known viable materials from head researcher M. Rochester in order to reduce future redundancy related incidents. Junior Researcher C. Roddick is currently in charge of simplifying operating procedures for testing and containment and should be promptly ██████████ and ████████ if procedures are simplified by more than ██% or if she comes to the end of her rotation. Rotation of the position of simplifying operating procedures for testing and containment will continue with the current quarterly schedule.

Description: SCP-5332-A refers to the fifteenth floor of Site-58. The entire floor of the building undergoes transformative changes in its structure and overall architecture every time a person enters the main hall. This also causes any objects placed within to reflect changes befitting the style. Personnel often perceive the floor's interiors with varying designs and architectural styles.

Individuals entering through the main hall of the site (designated Route Aleph) respond to these changes with a sense of comfort or a sense of belonging upon entry and feel a sense of belonging to the floor itself; calling the area "home". This change in behavior (SCP-5332-B) is usually permanent as personnel will announce that any former residences that they resided in as "false homes" and have been shown to be completely immune to powerful amnestic therapy methods.


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