Connor's Draft No.7

SCP-4749 prior to recovery.

Item#: SCP-4233

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4233-1 is located inside a high-security anomalous object chamber at Site-81 with a single ceiling light with a brightness of 35 lux, directly illuminating it. In case of a Phobetor Event, the shutters of the chamber's viewports are to remain closed with a single D-Class inside the chamber. During this time, all video surveillance within the chamber is to be turned off with the exception of the audio recording equipment located inside to monitor the actions of SCP-4233-2.

Under no circumstances are personnel be allowed to look inside the chamber during this time.

Description: SCP-4233 refers to two anomalous objects, SCP-4233-1, and the entity that resides within, SCP-4233-2.

SCP-4233-1 appears to be a standard, pendulum-regulated cuckoo clock1. SCP-4233-1 bears no unusual properties other than its inability to sound the hours with a common cuckoo's call. SCP-4233-1 houses an entity within, hereafter referred to as SCP-4233-B2.

Should SCP-4233-1 undergo its Phobetor Event, under low-light conditions, SCP-4233-1's shadow underneath will slowly begin to elongate and change form until it emerges into the solid entity known as SCP-4233-2.

SCP-4233-2 is a dark, humanoid entity with seemingly polymorphic capabilities, described as "a man made out of shadow" by eyewitness accounts. SCP-4233-2 is often described as a tall figure with elongated arms and legs. SCP-4233-2 is said to wear a brimmed hat and coat with glowing eyes and acts in a humanlike manner. An accurate description of SCP-4233-2 is impossible due to the multiple iterations of the entity that exists within witness testimonials3.

SCP-4233-2 only emerges during the start of midnight (12:00 AM) and ends at approximately 5:30 in the morning, this time period is hereafter known as "Phobetor Events". If SCP-4233-1 is exposed to direct light past midnight, a blackout of the room it is located in will occur and spread throughout the entire building it currently resides in. Afterwards, SCP-4233-1 will disappear from its original location; reappearing elsewhere and replacing a wall clock within a darkened room in the building with itself45 This effect is immediate as it lasts five to nine seconds depending on the size of the building it is contained in. If there is more than one source of light hitting SCP-4233-1 or the source of light exceeds past 45 lux, a blackout will occur, with SCP-4233-1 vanishing and reappearing elsewhere6.

During a Phobetor Event, SCP-4233-2 will begin emerging from SCP-4233-1 as the source of illumination hitting SCP-4233-1 grows dimmer7. Once the room becomes dark, SCP-4233-2 will appear from the front of SCP-4233-1 and approach the subject. In this process, the room that SCP-4233-2 appears in will be devoid of all sound except for SCP-4233-2 itself. Survivors claim to hear SCP-4233-2's footsteps and are unable to move or react during this process with SCP-4233-2 leaving no trace of the victim behind other than whatever clothes they wore. This also extends to any inorganic material present within the subject such as piercings, dental fillings, and prosthetic implants.

Addendum 4233.1: List of SCP-4233-2's forms taken during Phobeter Events.

Addendum 4233.2: Interview

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