Connor's Draft No.8
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The hut leading to the entrance of SCP-5570

Item #: SCP-5570

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The trapdoor leading to the entrance of SCP-5570 is to be sealed with a new padlock and hidden under a new set of floorboards. Exploration within SCP-5570 is currently suspended until further notice. At least two personnel are to be stationed within the hut and live there indefinitely. Under no circumstances are any of them be allowed to unlock this trapdoor for any reason whatsoever.

Description: SCP-5570 refers to a large chamber located underneath a hut inland of Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica. The hut appears to have been abandoned for a considerable amount of time. The interior of the hut appears normal with three rooms: a bathroom, a bedroom with two beds, and a kitchen. A wooden trapdoor is hidden underneath a bearskin carpet in the bedroom. During its original discovery, the trapdoor appeared to have been sealed with a rusted padlock; however, the padlock's shackle appears to be broken apart. Further inspection of the lock's body indicate scratch marks, implying a tool was used to break it open.

Opening the trapdoor reveals a shaft with a ladder built into it. The shaft extends for over a hundred meters down which leads to a room. The contents of this room consists of a control panel with a large glass viewport1 and a headset visor with cables running to a computer. Beside this panel are large tanks with pipelines connecting to the chamber filled with pentobarbitals, benzodiazepines, and other liquid sedatives.

Beyond the viewport is a dark, spacious chamber with a ceiling spotlight as the only source of illumination on the entity inside.

Inside the chamber is a humanoid entity covered entirely in bandages and suspended ten feet off the ground by six chains2 with cables and tubes attached to the entity's spine and the back of its head. Attached to the entity's face is a headset and visor similar in appearance to the headset outside the chamber.

Addendum 5570.1: Log Transcript


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