Connor's Draft No.9
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Item #: SCP-4727

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4727 is currently located in a secure chamber on the 7th floor of Site-32's K-Wing. During testing, SCP-4727 is to be monitored by two ceiling-mounted surveillance cameras. The observation room for SCP-4727 is to be outfitted with emergency steel shutters that activate in the event of SCP-4727 turning itself on.

Due to recent unforeseen events, testing with SCP-4727 is now forbidden. SCP-4727 has been covered with a tarp and sealed within a Faraday cage with the steel shutters permanently closed. Observation of SCP-4727 is to be done through video surveillance only.

In the event that SCP-4727 turns on, personnel are advised to turn off and look away from their monitors and ignore the light from behind the shutters until it stops.

Description: SCP-4727 is a standard color CRT television set commonly used during the 1970s. SCP-4727 does not display any physical abnormalities apart from the lack of a power cable. Most notably, the dials on SCP-4727's panel do not seem to function, and attempts at dismantling SCP-4727 have proven ineffective.

SCP-4727's anomalous properties manifest when interacted upon by a television remote regardless of brand. When turned on using the remote, SCP-4727 will display a series of programs or clips depicting disturbing content with varying levels of surrealism. These clips will often appear mundane in nature but will occasionally turn violent or graphic at any given time. Characters introduced in these programs will occasionally make an appearance in other channels of SCP-4727. The significance of the graphic content within these programs, the source of SCP-4727's broadcasting, and the reoccurring nature of the individuals within SCP-4727, are unknown.

Viewers will often feel a sense of dread or paranoia after watching one program of SCP-4727. On rare occasions, individuals will feel emotionally detached, psychological dissociation and in some cases develop Cotard's syndrome1.

Addendum 4727.1: Log of Channels within SCP-4727
The following is a log of known channels or clips within SCP-4727's programming that have currently been documented.

Addendum 4727.02: 7/07/████ Incident
On 7/07/████, SCP-4727 turned itself on and immediately displayed static. The following transcript is a summary of the events that transpired in SCP-4727

Addendum 4727.03: Interview Log

Addendum 4727.04: Emergency Mimetic Protocol "BROKEN SIGNAL" Procedures


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