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MTF Names and Ideas

MTF-Mannaz-8: "Dawn of Man"

means Mannaz which also means "Man"

MTF-Odal-1: "Heritage Collection"

means possession, or heritage

MTF-Theta-1: "The God Squad"

To be used in a tale involving Deimos, Ashur, Bes, and some other god.

MTF-Omicron-2: "Lights Out"

MTF that deals with light-based anomalies and operates in brightly-lit environments.

MTF-Iota-3: "Heavy Arsenal"

Task force used in the tracking and acquisition of anomalous weaponry. Be it bladed weapons, to guns, and even explosives.

MTF-Omega-5: "Guns Blazing"

A task force consisting of various soldiers charged with the tracking and apprehension of anomalies in militaristic settings

MTF-Zeta-6: "Blackest Knight"

A task force that operates in extremely low-lit environments or total darkness using photosensitive light-tracking equipment.

MTF-Kappa-8: "Working Class"

Task force charged with the investigation and apprehension of anomalous objects associated with The Factory.

MTF-Upsilon-9: "Road Rage"

Task force that deals with vehicular and roadwork-based anomalies.

MTF-Xi-11: "River Monsters"

MTF that deals in freshwater conditions such as rivers, lakes, and ponds.

MTF-Theta-0: "Null Void"

MTF trained to deal with anomalies deemed anafabulous in nature as well as anomalies of the lower level. Works in tandem with "NN".

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