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Access:Site-84 Terminal 11

Username:Charles Longrace

Clearance Level:4


Opening File:SCP-XXXX (private copy)…





Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is stored in the plastic pot it was recovered in. Any attempts to transplant SCP-XXXX to a different pot or add soil to SCP-XXXX's pot are strictly prohibited. Personnel are not to add to or remove soil from SCP-XXXX's pot, despite signs of wilting. SCP-XXXX does not require any water, but due to its passive effects on staff morale, containment staff are allowed to provide SCP-XXXX with 17oz of water per day.

As SCP-XXXX requires extensive natural sunlight, it has been moved to Site-84's recreational room1. Access to SCP-XXXX is permitted to all Site-84 personnel, excluding D-Class personnel limited to authorized testing personnel. Personnel found to have damaged SCP-XXXX in any way are to be reprimanded and assigned to a different site.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the physical territory of the concept of an upcoming Bruce Springsteen concert. SCP-XXXX has been conceptually attached to a sunflower, which is kept in and supported by a plastic flowerpot. SCP-XXXX has apparently become the result of intellectual compression in reference to its own state of being2, and as such has developed sapience. SCP-XXXX, through unknown means, is capable of speech, and can speak fluent and English.

SCP-XXXX does not require feeding or nutrition, but can still take in water and nutrients similarly to a non-anomalous flower. If not provided with water, it will begin to complain loudly and angrily. SCP-XXXX does require copious amounts of natural sunlight. If not provided with sunlight, SCP-XXXX will vocalize extreme distress.

SCP-XXXX's "territory," the boundary wherein the upcoming concert is defined, can be increased when in contact with natural soil. The extent of SCP-XXXX's abilities is unknown, but it is suspected that if given enough time, SCP-XXXX could lay claim to the entire Eurasian landmass. Physical marks of SCP-XXXX's territory include the development of Bruce Springsteen-related advertising and merchandising3, the recognition by all who are of aware of SCP-XXXX as a Bruce Springsteen concert, and even complete ideological shifts into complete admiration of Bruce Springsteen within individuals spending enough time within SCP-XXXX.

Head Researcher's Private Log Your logs are PRIVATE. To view a public copy of File:SCP-XXXX, please return to the file selection screen.

Glad to finally have an actual SCP object in this measly site, but I wish it wasn't so obnoxious. Every time I go near it, it starts singing Springsteen songs in the single most disgusting voice I have ever heard. Why do we have to even keep this in the rec room?

Maybe I'll get used to it. It's just annoying, at least we're not sticking something dangerous in here.

Also, not sure what's up with the level 5 clearance section. Seriously, what do the higher-ups want to keep secret about a stupid flower?

Addendum XXXX.1: On 04/06/2020, various objects and iconography began manifesting across Site-84, promoting upcoming Bruce Springsteen concerts. While these are the results of SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects, and research is currently being conducted into how its area of effect was able to be extended, these changes have been deemed a minimal threat. Following a review from Site-84's Containment Director, its Special Containment Procedures will not be updated.

I'm mildly bothered by their treatment of this. Granted, the alterations are still outside the true area of effect, so it won't be messing with our minds, but this is still a stupid idea. We should at least do something, like move it out of the atrium.

I'm probably biased, but I can only go so long being constantly "serenaded" by a sunflower before it starts getting to me.

Addendum XXXX.2: Containment update request, submitted by Head Researcher Dr. Charles Longrace:

Containment Update Request

Request: Removal of SCP-XXXX from Site-84's atrium.

Reason: Containment risk. While SCP-XXXX's secondary effects are relatively harmless, leaving it in the atrium is still unprofessional and risky.

Status: Denied. The Special Containment Procedures provide reasoning for these actions. Commissioning a full-scale containment unit would also be unnecessarily expensive.

There is no reason that we need to keep it in the atrium, this is just stupid. I'll be speaking to the O5 Council about this.

The O5 said no.

Addendum XXXX.3: Dr. Longrace requested that SCP-XXXX be transferred to Site-17, as it is better equipped for the research of sapient anomalies. Request was denied by the site directors for both Site-17 and Site-84.

Site-84 Staff Notice: Dr. Longrace is taking a one-week leave of absence from the SCP-XXXX project for mental health.

I'm not taking a mental health leave. This is something big and I'm not sure I want to be involved in it. I certainly don't want them to find out that I'm catching on.

I started doing some research into what was happening, why they were so insistent that everything should be kept consistent. They won't allow any changes to the Special Containment Procedures, they won't let us move it to a new site, and there's clearly something the Level 5s are keeping hidden from us.

There are no other SCP objects at Site-84. Aside from a few minor anomalies, this tiny site is basically only for XXXX. The containment director also arrived with XXXX, supposedly because we only needed one now. But he also has Level 5 clearance, so clearly he's in on something.

I'm putting this in a private log, attached to my copy of the document. It's mostly just a journal, but I may need to show this to people.

Alright, so I did some further research, and I came across something huge.

So XXXX itself is a flower that promotes Bruce Springsteen, so my first instinct was to look into the Brucebase wiki. If anyone else is involved, it'll be them.

Get this though: some Brucebase fans visited Site-84! Shortly after we got XXXX! And then they left! No one's talked about it, they were just there! I tried to look further, and it turns out that everything involving what happened there is restricted to Level 5 and higher!

I'm extremely nervous. I don't know what's happening, but I do know that it's shady and probably not good. I have to do something about this, but I can't let them catch on. I need a plan.

Addendum XXXX.4: Shortly after returning from leave, Dr. Longrace was found inserting poisonous substances into SCP-XXXX's water supply. Dr. Longrace was detained and questioned. Longrace refused to respond to questioning, insisting that he meet with Site-84's site director. Following some deliberation, Dir. Barrett conducted an interview with Dr. Longrace.

Dir. Barrett: I can't believe this.


Barrett: I always liked you, you're honestly one of our best researchers. I seriously can't believe you'd do this.


Barrett: I shouldn't have to say how disappointed I am in you.

Longrace: Disappointed in me? That's hilarious!

Barrett: I beg your pardon?

Longrace: Oh, don't act like you don't know! GRU, the Level 5 plot, all of it!

Barrett: Huh? What?

Longrace: I've been doing detective work for days, just spill it! What are you guys doing with SCP-XXXX?

Barrett: Okay, hold on. What? What are you talking about? What plot? What Level 5 thing? Are you okay?

Longrace: I'm okay, but you know what I'm not okay with? Hiding secret plans from everyone and engaging in some conspiracy!

Barrett: Okay, you wanna know what? Why don't you tell me what you think is happening?

Longrace: Fine, I'll play it your way. I know you guys are hiding something, it's obvious. You guys won't let us move XXXX at all, insisting that it has to remain in a public location in Site-84.

Barrett: Okay…

Longrace: And that's already suspicious enough, but I went even deeper. Apparently, you guys were in talks with some Springsteen fans. Funny how that happens, right after you guys start containing one of his concerts!

Barrett: So… what's your point? What does all this culminate in?

Longrace: Why don't you tell me?

Barrett: You know what? I think I will. [Pulls out a tablet and opens up SCP-XXXX's file.]

Longrace: Hold on, you're actually gonna show me?

Barrett: Would you rather not?

Longrace: No, no, please continue.

[Dir. Barrett opens the Level 5 file.]


Dir. Barrett: So look, regarding the budget for XXXX, I think we could afford full containment, but is it really necessary?

O5-6: I would think so, but you have to remember that we are gonna be cutting funding to smaller sites. No offense.

Barrett: None taken. Is this reflective of a policy change?

O5-8: It is, we've updated the guidelines from the FIR Convention, and we're implementing them shortly.

O5-6: Again, the funding will be cut back, but it doesn't appear that SCP-XXXX needs any special containment requirements. This accurate, Johnson?

Containment Dir. Johnson: Yeah, pretty much. It might grate with people a bit, but I think it'll work out. Our research team has basically confirmed that it's not really harmful.

Barrett: So, regarding our foreign policy changes-

O5-8: I know it's a bit rough to handle, but we will need to set up an interview with one of Springsteen's managers, since he represents the original owner of SCP-XXXX.

O5-6: Which is partially why we're updating the FIR Convention guidelines. Unfortunately, that puts us in a deficit with SCP-XXXX, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

Johnson: I'd also like to point out that we don't need to budget too much into SCP-XXXX; it's fine as-is.

Barrett: I assume relocating SCP-XXXX isn't an option?

O5-6: Not until we can finalize our policy changes, which could easily take upwards of several months. That being said, we are prioritizing anomalous objects with international significance, meaning that we've added your Site to the list of prioritized locations.

Barrett: I'm glad we could get this sorted out. Now, regarding our minor anomalies, have we been able to sort out the coverage on them?

Johnson: I spoke with Six privately about this, we are gonna be covered on them, but we may need to redistribute, at least temporarily.

O5-6: We are gonna be privatizing our coverage to local sites, meaning that they'll have a bit more independence regarding…


Longrace: I don't… I don't understand.

Barrett: What do you mean? I showed you what you need Level 5 clearance to see.

Longrace: I know, but there's nothing happening in there!

Barrett: Ridiculous, we had some things going on in there. We managed to get some clarification on the budget, our response to policy changes, and so on. I'm just glad we could be properly insured, frankly, with our minor anomalies.

Longrace: No, no, no! There has to be something else! What about the Springsteen fans, huh?

Barrett: Oh, his manager? We had a brief meeting with him. They wanted to be reimbursed, it was a bit of a tough handling. We don't have logs in the actual SCP-XXXX file, for various reasons.

Longrace: Why would you keep this hidden? What's the point?

Barrett: I mean, it's a discussion amongst only Level 5 personnel, it defaults to requiring Level 5 clearance. I know there's not any sensitive material, but I didn't think we'd actually need to show everyone. Trust me, altering clearance requirements is a pain in the butt, so many bureaucratic hurdles.

Longrace: I have spent the last two weeks looking into this! There has to be something else!

Barrett: Two weeks? Charles, how much sleep have you gotten?

Longrace: I don't need sleep, I need answers!

Barrett: Tell you what. You're gonna be put on leave anyway, but I can at least classify it as medical leave. Take a vacation, I don't know.

Longrace: I don't- what-

Barrett: This interview is over. Take a break, Charles. Seriously.

Following the incident, Dr. Longrace was placed on medical leave for six months.

Yes, it's an actual leave for my health.

Log out? Y/N

Logging out…

Access:Site-84 Terminal 11

Username:Richard Barrett

Clearance Level:5


Opening File:SCP-XXXX-Doc2…





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