Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is an unidentified fixed-wing aircraft which landed in a field in [place] on 2019-09-27. ['no flight plans show it exists' but clinical]. Upon discovery, SCP-XXXX displayed several unusual properties:

  • The fuel tank contained large quantities of an unknown white fluid.
  • Compartments intended to store food and drink for passengers had been filled with various grasses.
  • The audio files stored on the flight recorder consisted solely of bovine vocalisations.
  • The only macroscopic animal life discovered in SCP-XXXX was a collection of seventeen entities genetically similar to cattle (Bos taurus), designated SCP-XXXX-1.
  • The cockpit of the aircraft contained several components unlike that of a standard [plane name].

SCP-XXXX-1 instances display some characteristics unlike those of regular cattle. Instead of hooves and horns, they possess fleshy growths similar in appearance.

File pending update after containment is achieved See Addendum XXXX.001

Addendum XXXX.001: Incident 2019-09-27

Personnel: Containment Specialists Keith Davidson, Laura Bates and David Trent

Foreword: Audio recording devices were activated after a member of the team noticed an unidentified flying object near to SCP-XXXX.


Davidson: Mic's on. Laura, Dave?

Bates: Yep, mine's on too.

Approximately three seconds of silence.

Davidson: Dave?

Trent: Uh, yeah. 's on now.

Davidson: Alright. Approach the new object.

Trent: You sure, man? Cause I ain't trained to deal with that sorta thing. Hell, I only got stuck here when they were sure it wasn't dangerous.

Davidson: Look, it's, what, two feet long max? Nothing big'll happen.

Bates: It doesn't seem to be hostile, so I guess it's probably okay.

Trent: Ugh, fine.

Several seconds of treading feet.

Davidson: Kinda looks like one of them quadcopter drones, doesn't it?

Trent: Yeah, sorta. It doesn't really seem to be doing much either. Just been floating there the whole time; I could just grab it out the air.

Bates: Like with that seagull last year? 'Cause that worked out real well, didn't it?

Trent: (laughing) Can't imagine this'll steal my chips and shit on me, so a little different. Keith, reckon we should take this?

Davidson: Can't hurt. Do the honours, Dave.

Loud cracking noise.

Trent: Fuck, I broke it. And it's filled with that same white milky stuff from the plane.

Bates: Shouldn't've grabbed it like that probably. We can still send it back to the lab though, it's still got all the parts.

Davidson: Heh, guess it won't be flying away then. Just leave it there and we'll get back to it after. God, these cows look terrified. I wonder what's up with them.

Fifteen minutes of extraneous audio removed. Full logs are available by request.

Bates: We've probably finished here, right Keith?

Davidson: Yeah, let's get back to the truck.

Trent: Uh, guys?

Davidson: Yes, Greg?

Trent: What the fuck is that?

Sounds of gunfire. Voices can be heard, but are unintelligible.


Team: MTF Lambda-11 ("Got Beef?")

Personnel: L-1 (Task Force Captain, Gregory Sanders), L-2 (Karl Johnson), L-3 (Charlie Roberts), L-4 (Daniel Connor)


L-3 God, I'm surprised that we're needed this often. Thought I'd have a pretty chilled life in a force this specific, but no.

L-1: If it's any consolation, at least we got more equipment than last time.

L-3: Well, yeah, but still. Jesus, I hope we've got enough guns today.

L-2: Keep in mind we're not gonna go all-in right off the bat. Hell, the best-case scenario wouldn't have a single shot fired.

L-3: A little something makes that hard to believe. (Taps metal behind himself) Actually, quite a big something.

L-2: Huh, what?

L-3: We are sitting. In a tank.

L-2: Technically, it's a weaponised all-ter–

L-4: Holy shit. Check out twelve o'clock.

A massive metallic automaton resembling an enlarged SCP-XXXX-1 instance is visible. In place of eyes, it possesses two machine guns that proceed to fire upon Lambda-11.

L-4: Returning fire!

One leg of the automaton is heavily damaged by an explosive round, igniting the machine on fire. It quickly collapses and three SCP-XXXX-1 instances leave it. Pools of burning white fluid are visible around the automaton. Voices are present, but not intelligible.

L-3: Jesus fucking Christ, what was that?

L-1: Your guess 's as good as mine. But we're gonna keep going. Avoided any damage to the tank there, somehow.

Two SCP-XXXX-1 instances emerge over the crest of the hill, using extravehicular mobility packs to hover in the air. Each entity is holding a cylindrical device, presumably some form of weapon, between their fleshy 'horns'.

L-3: You've got to be kidding me.

L-4: I've got this, probably.

L-4 enters the automatic turret at the top of the vehicle and begins to fire upon the SCP-XXXX-1 instances. Each sustain damage to their mobility packs and are unable to maintain flight.

L-1: Thanks, Dan. Now, if we can get up this hill, we can see what's actually down there.

L-2: Shouldn't take too long now, 'specially now we've dealt with some of this stuff.

L-3: God, it better not. I dunno how much more of this crap we'll be able to take.

Several minutes of extraneous content removed.

L-1: And, we're up. Dan, what you seeing?

L-4: Look for yourself.

SCP-XXXX can be seen taking off, and eventually disappearing into the distance. A gargantuan semi-metallic entity (hereby designated SCP-XXXX-2), approximately fifty metres in height, is visible. Unlike the previous automaton, SCP-XXXX-2 is bipedal and possesses noticeable organic features.

L-1: Fuck that, we're pulling out. Gonna need much more firepower to have any chance.

L-2: Uh, Greg? I'm pretty sure it's seen us.

L-1: Shit. Of course it has. But we're still retreating; there's nothing we can do versus something like that.

The structure proceeds towards Lambda-11. One of its feet is lifted above the vehicle. Shortly after, a cracking sound is audible.


Audio received from wireless transmitter:


Voice: Great, this shit actually works. At least I hope it does, but this lens isn't gonna be doing any favours for video. Agh. This is Charlie, Lambda-3, Roberts, whatever you want to call me. It doesn't really matter.

L-3: I'm in the big cow. Rest of the team doesn't seem to be with me and I can't see them doing that well in the tank. Or what's left of it. Somehow I avoided being crushed, and I got myself into the leg of it through a hatch. There's some stupid cow elevator here, and it's really the only place I can go. (rattling noise) The exit foor seems to be locked or jammed.

L-3: (low, audible hum in background) I don't know how this works, but it seems to be moving up. Pretty sure it's lights out as soon as I get up there though. Jesus, fuck.


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