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  • Teeth Faery
  • Take it back now yall
  • Parawatch forum hijinks
  • Veldt/Verdant something ? idk
  • While Napoleon requested stricter containment procedures, marie curie and sun tzu agrred on keeping them as is
  • rising to the occasion your premium hookup service for when you need to have the hottest succubus as the +1 to the clash reunion
  • Mainzelmännchen
  • The factories slaughter house
  • septembruary the 36th
  • why kindereggs are banned in the us
  • There is a horror in the makers house (two rows of teeth)


Template to add your own:

 SCP-CAFE-J-%1 | Reviewing: %2

 [[include :snippets:html5player|type=audio|url=%3

 [[collapsible show="Transcript" hide=" "]]


Simply replace %1 with a random number, %2 with a link to the reviewed article and %3 with the link to your soundfile. Feel free to add an external link, but please also send CrashingtonCrashington a PM so he can add your file to the page.

This idea came out of a random thought in the moment, and I am very happy how much work and ideas went into this from so many people. Thank you for everyone that helped/collaborated on this! I hope you all enjoy.

Of course also check out the inspiration for this: SCP Café, the great Podcast by pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, who also lent his voice for this.

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Con procs lack a fun hook.
17:05:19 <Crashington> AlleraRey: where is yours
<TRutherford> The host thinking the logs are science fiction is too reminiscent of 001. It’d be more engaging if the host was simply reading the logs in a review-style manner and making no comment on if they’re real or not. A pure review show.
17:05:35 Why multiple hosts? It dilutes the characterization. A small collective makes more sense.
17:05:41 Too many audio samples. Cut it down to 5, or even 3.
17:05:53 → TheFinalOobleck joined (~PI.1028C361.471F4A33.14DA2B95|criigc#PI.1028C361.471F4A33.14DA2B95|criigc)
<TRutherford> Other than that, it's cute, but it lacks the required zany aesthetic needed for a successful -J
17:06:08 Honestly this could be a normal article.
17:06:26 The idea of an anomalous individual or group reviewing articles that should be classified isn't outside the realm of possibility.

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