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Hello there! This is the place where I store my ideas and WIP projects. Spoiler alert: It fucking sucks. Feel free to browse and tell me what you think! I'll be pretty active here so new projects will show up sometimes! Enjoy I guess?

Title Synopsis
Jetti and the Delvins go on Tour! Fifthist Spice Girls or how a semi-hivemind gospel/psychedelic surf rock band took over the world.
Secret Crow's Sci-Fi Extravaganza When a white hole is found in Florida, The Foundation seizes it, discovers tachyons, turns some sea mammals into boddhisatvas and fucks causality into shreds.
The Witch's Samovar A cursed item, stolen from an ancient evil. It seizes minds, destroys families and empires, gets harnessed for mass propaganda and makes a delicious tea.
The Morpheus Collective The disgraced remnants of a once hopeful Oneiroi collective, dreaming of revolution.
Ideas, Dime a Dozen:
Idea Title Synopsis
Summer of Love A Fifthist phenomenon affecting music festivals in the 60's, compelling people to attend. There, the use of the drug "Starlight" is frequent as well as strange happenings. A foundation agent must get to the bottom of the mystery and solve it- litteraly
The Scat Singer A young woman who can make scat-like cognitohazards with her voice gets weaponized by the Chicago spirit. Other CS knicknacks include pearls, "Tommy's gun, teleporting subway token.
The Opal That Ate Everything A ream of sentient opal, having watched its land being ruined for 400 years decideds to entomb an entire town.
Mr. Gentrification A GAW creation who can create affordable housing. Its an eh idea.
Mr. D.A.R.E. A GAW creation. A seires of .exe files each representing a drug. Vaporwave elements. Alternaitively a man who can create and alter drugs, gone rouge and caused the tylenol murders.
Men In Black The most powerful division of the UIU. Kept a complete secret.
UIU Goi Format Either the Fish, Wildlife and Cryptid Association, Nexus National Parks, Cryptid Smugglers or Anomalous Alaskan Crab Smugglers
The Peacock Throne The lost jewel of the Mughal empire returns.
Jostalbreen/Saarns Prison The Klavigar Saarn is corrupted by Yaldabaoth and imprisoned under a glacier, maintained by a mekhanite colony. The Foundation must save her, and there is still hope of rescuing Saarn, but they must do it before Saarn breaks loose.
001: The Celestial Prison, Taisui A set of Xia beryllium-bronze rockets are capable of traveling to Taisui, a pocket dimension on Jupiter and the dimensional singularity that serves as Yaldabaoth's prison. A team of scientists travel to investigate and sacrifice their lives to contain saarn.
Those Satanic Mills The factory begins coal mining. Told through a series of documents.
The Monarch A reality bender finds her place in a swarm of monarch butterflies. Based on the Mexican Monarch Butterfly Migration
The Kool-Aid Kult When innocent people are forced to drink the Kool-aid
Fifthist Saint The life, relics, stories of a humble saint sutured into reality
Sally Squid An adorable mascot gains a horrible physical form after years of neglect.
Florida Stuff Smth to do with flamingos, conchs and the mangroves
Vaporwave A .exe that takes you to a tropical greco-roman temple, maybe related to GAW
Fifthist Television The good word of the Fifth, brought to you by the stars above.
The Emporer's Ring A sapphire ring takes you to a paradise built by suffering
Vimana An ancient vehicle discovered in India, built by the gods
Cold War Skip Memetic propaganda, Fifthist Cosmonauts, a space race between Sarks and Mekhs, etc. All in one juicy seires
Demographics A country with really high/low amount of type greens.
Thunder and lightning A tale about a storm told with countdown. Transitions are flashes of light and sound. (1 2 3, a flash of light…
My Babushka's Dog A dog trying to unite a family
| Dr. Spanko becomes an 05 (Tale) || Self explanitory ||
Audhumla A retelling of the Norse creation myth and how the Foundation abuses the power to create life itself
The sound of silence A sound that cannot be heard.

Crystal skull
Beautiful apocalypse

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