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3/4576 LEVEL 3/4576



Item #: SCP-4576

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The perimeter of SCP-4576 has been fenced off, with provisional Site-4576 having been constructed on the outskirts. All entry is forbidden to the public and trespassers are to be apprehended, amnestized and released. Site-4576 is to continually monitor the range and strength of SCP-4576 for any fluctuations.

Description: SCP-4576 is the area in a 3-kilometre radius around the town of Callony, Michigan. Within, a variety of mind-affecting and/or reality-bending phenomena appear. They appear to increase in strength, inversely-relative to the distance from the centre. The mind-affecting phenomena disappear immediately upon leaving the perimeter they appeared in, while the reality-bending effects on objects persist. The population of Callony has been successfully evacuated and reintegrated into a new town, under the pretence of dangerous chemical leakage in their hometown. Below are the findings of an expedition towards the centre, located through analysis of the outer edge of SCP-4576.

Location Observations
~3 kilometres from the centre It becomes increasingly more difficult to write down uppercase letters, before becoming impossible at a distance of circa 2.5 kilometres. It is either forgotten how to do it or a mental barrier prevents it.
~2.2 kilometres from the centre Uppercase letters written on objects or stored in digital files are changed to their lowercase counterparts.
~1.5 kilometres from the centre The concept of uppercase letters is forgotten by individuals in this area. A sense of sadness is felt, growing stronger over time and distance.
~200 metres from the centre A small pharmacy (SCP-4576-A) is seen in the centre of SCP-4576. Many individuals cannot resist the urge to cry while approaching it.
In SCP-4576-A's front room, 5 metres from the centre Individuals that enter grow increasingly aggravated and begin to have trouble forming complex thoughts. The pharmacy itself is in disarray, with many packages of medication opened and various tablets and pills strewn about the room. 2 laundry machines stand in one corner of the room, filled with unclean clothes.
In SCP-4576-A's back room, at the centre Individuals that enter report a strong sense of apathy and feelings of dissociation replacing the previous rage. The room is filled with laboratory equipment filled with various, partly unknown chemicals. On a mattress in the corner of the room lies the corpse of a domestic guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), next to an empty pill bottle labelled "pills for make hamster good again by dado" in shaky handwriting.
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