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Item#: 5140
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Extent of the DCAZ as of 2020/04/18.

Special Containment Procedures: The Daevite Containment and Administration Zone (DCAZ) has been provisioned within Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Siberia. SCP-5140 is under the armed supervision of Stationary Task Force Chi-21 ("??"), who are to disallow all access unless approved by the Overseer Council. Site-991 has been established nearby Ürümqi, and is responsible for administration of the DCAZ and registration and surveillance of SCP-5140-A.

A government composed of baseline humans and Daevites loyal to the Foundation has been established. All enacted legislation is subject to review by Site-991 containment staff. The following regional policies are in effect:

  • Foreign media or press are strictly forbidden within the DCAZ. Collaboration with these entities is also forbidden.
  • The practice of all anomalous Daevite cultural or religious rituals are prohibited.
  • (TODO)
  • (TODO)
  • Police action and management of civil unrest is to be carried out by STF-Chi-21.
  • Escaped instances are to be terminated or captured by MTF-Lambda-14 ("Manhunters").

Site-991's Punitive Containment Wing has been established for use by the provisional government in detainment of dissident instances.


SCP-5140-A instances at a public park.

Description: SCP-5140 is the country of Daevastan, the modern continuation of the ancient Daevite Empire which manifested following total containment failure.

The region is populated by 4,160,300 sapient humanoid entities, collectively designated SCP-5140-A. These entities formerly maintained a democratic government provided numerous social services, notably health services using hemomagy. Anomalous cultural practices and social organizations have been deconstructed to meet the needs of Foundation containment. [rewrite]

Addendum 5140-1: DEEPWELL Records

On 2017/09/10, historical consistency monitors at Site-07 detected strong divergences within the Asia/Siberia zone. RAISA archivists have collected a number of records to create a timeline for the emergence of SCP-5140.

Starting at that date, Daevite civilizations have retroactively existed in a continuous period from its first emergence in ███ BC towards the modern day. The presence of an openly anomalous nation-state seemingly did not affect consensus normalcy despite its existence prior to the ongoing WK-class ("Broken Masquerade") scenario.

DEEPWELL records further indicate that SCP-140 was a Keter-class document on the verge of containment failure as a result of [DATA REDACTED 5/140]. The emergency installation of 270 Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sinks (XACTS) was performed to limit effects on causality, specifically its consequences on the Foundation's existence. Other than differing historical records involving events near SCP-5140, global geopolitics have remained essentially the same.

Addendum 5140-2: Historical Records


Addendum 5140-3: Initial Containment

Following realization of SCP-5140's anomalous nature (see Addendum 1), Overwatch Command organized a collected effort to contain the anomaly.

On 2017/09/14, Mobile Task Force Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") was deployed to remove SCP-5140's present government and establish military control. Other Foundation security personnel were deployed to maintain occupation of urban centers. Containment architects began construction of Site-991, followed by initial setup of the DCAZ border regions.1

The charter for STF-Chi-21 was formalized on 2017/09/25. [todo idk]

Site-991 Director Samuel Hoare declared SCP-5140 provisionally contained on 2017/09/29, which was affirmed by the Overseer Council two days later. Civil unrest due to Foundation activities continued until the Mass Termination Incident of 2017/12/23.

Following establishment of order, efforts to register all SCP-5140-A instances began.

Addendum 5140-4: International Reactions

(tl;dr people aren't too happy about the Foundation invading a country and instituting martial law)

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