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The Pirate Party is looking pretty good at the moment ever since Amelia Andersdotter became a MEP last December. None of us have connections, but we can find a way to support them some more. There are rumors that Intrastellar Data Inc. has information about copyright laws that they want to push real soon. They allegedly have a front on one of the small businesses North of Södersjukhuset. You're best suited for reconnaissance and information gathering, so you'll have to investigate. If you find any information, leave a message on the building to the right of it so we can meet up again. Stay cool.

"Did this jackass spell Interstellar wrong?" Tobias Carlsson sighed and crumpled up the paper before stuffing it into his pocket. "Not my problem." He looked up at the lonely streets.

Stockholm in July was a particularly busy time of year, so this was a mission that'd have to be done in the earliest of mornings, when most others were asleep

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