[insert something about date, time, and operation.]

[insert some GRU P documentation found by the Foundation intercepts]

[insert expedition log]

[insert anomalous item catelogue]

[build intrigue up to the Voice of God: aspect found within the Cargo Cult's interpretation of Kastoms.]
Cargo cult in a remote pacific island that worships a downed foundation plane with cognitohazardous effects.
Its one of their amnestic spreading planes
Have the natives give their reverent, awe-inspired descriptions of 'god' that they cant even parse into words properly
Just a downed plane with a memetic effect that makes you unable to directly talk about it or something.
Only the shaman or spiritual leader can speak of this god and its terrible power

Because the pilot needs to have mnestics to counteract the amnestics

"Red lines hovered over my face. Scanning. Life-signs detected. Old WW2 bunker. Converted, renovated. Flickering green light says the satellite is still operational. Old Soviet signals, coming to life, out here on the Tanna islands.

The camo-door unhatched. Hermetically sealed air assaulted nose. Nothing but old army fatigues and dust. Only the ghosts live here.

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