Dr. Steiner: You were highly malnourished when we found you.

SCP-XXXX: Kim, your too kind to worry about me. It was just me being silly again.

Dr. Steiner: Given your unique physiology, our rescue teams could only administer life support after you had consented to our physician's demands and unfurled your right arm for warmed intravenous fluid infusions. You're lucky to be alive SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX: Careful there, calling me names like that, you chubby cheeked squirrel, you. I'm old enough to grant all your ancestors names and their ancestors. And I'm sturdy enough to live long enough to name whatever you become in the next life.

Dr. Steiner: Yes, and as you know, in order to maintain your sturdiness, we'll need to put you under observation. Can you control your ability to warp your appendages?

SCP-XXXX: I don't, don't really know for certain.

Dr. Steiner: Attempt to contract and push out you're left-hand from the opening.

<SCP-XXXX looks onwards intensely, flexing her biceps. She struggles at forming a fist before gradually pulling her finger bones back through their sockets whilst shrinking her anterior forearm before yelling in pain.>

Dr. Steiner: You may stop now SCP-XXXX. Relax.

<SCP-XXXX wells up tears in her eyes. Flesh peels into circumvolved patterns around her arm, nails are unfolded backward. Carpal and phalange bone split into three identical arms stemming from her wrist. Dr. Steiner calls off security forces nearby and administers a sedative into her neck.>

SCP-XXXX: It's getting worse. It's getting so much—

<SCP-XXXX eyes dilate and mouth remains open. SCP-XXXX stares at her arm.>

Dr. Steiner: Breath SCP-XXXX. Inhale, exhale.

<SCP-XXXX breathing intake is rapid. Slowly, her arm inflates into a stabilized state.>

Dr. Steiner: It would seem certain experimentation and physical therapy is outside our limit for now. Tell me, has that ever happened before?

SCP-XXXX: Never lost focus of who I was before if that's what you're asking. Until just now of course. Gradually, its become… very difficult to be me. Every time I come out of this old hump on my back, I have to try really hard.

Dr. Steiner: directing his speech towards his headset It would appear the humanoid's appearance is fundamentally linked with her mental state. Further analysis is required to prove this hypothetical.

Dr. Steiner: We'll forgo questioning for now. Rest, for now, SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX: I'll rest, but I'm afraid. If I go back in, I might not come out. Do one thing for me, Kim?

Dr. Steiner: We went over this several days ago. Neither my first nor my last name—

SCP-XXXX: Come back will you? Someone has to be here, so at least they know me. Promise me.

Dr. Steiner: Of course, SCP-XXXX.

The manifestation of cardboard boxes and fishnets and the like. Splotchy photos of Doctor Steiner appear make-up the leaves of a nearby sprouting tree with clothespins. Clothes flutter from electric-cables, they entangle the building made of cardboard in the center like the serpent ropes to the mountain. SCP-XXXX is still frantic and closes up her house. From a nearby window, SCP-XXXX's head stares at static on a television connected to said electrical system.

Dr. Steiner: Greetings again, SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX: Kim! I thought you would never come. While I waited, there were some nice ladies out by the door who brought me yarn. I made you a sweater over there by the coach. Its a bit small, you've grown.

<SCP-XXXX nods in the direction of an 11in sweater laying flat on the recliner.>

Dr. Steiner: Although this gift is not my size, it seems recreational activities have proven beneficial for your mentality and wellbeing.

SCP-XXXX: Do you know when we'll visit the Park, Kim?

Dr. Steiner: No, SCP-XXXX, I'm here to discuss the barnacles.

<SCP-XXXX glances from side-to-side.>

SCP-XXXX: Its that dragon. The awful thing named cancer. Luckily they're still incubating.

Dr. Steiner: Right, our marine veterinarian could surgically remove them. It would require you to remain unconscious for the duration of the operation.

SCP-XXXX: Oh shut it you're just jealous of my precious lumps. Besides, dragons always leave their nests, I'll, I'll be alone, again.

Dr. Steiner: It will go a long way into discovering your anomalous nature.

SCP-XXXX: Just, stay. Overnight. Promise me, please, just stay.

Dr. Steiner: Of course, I'll need to ask you questions first. Would you like to do that?


Dr. Steiner: Can you tell me when these anomalous abilities manifested?

SCP-XXXX: I'll fill you in on a little secret. I have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. By the way, I once lost a pet dog in there and let me tell you, its an arduous task trying to get them out once they stop barking.

Dr. Steiner: What happened to the dog?

SCP-XXXX: Poor Kim. Same with the pigeons and seagulls, though those chirped more. Scratched a lot before they slept, but when I pulled them out, back when I could do that with ease, they didn't wake up. Choked on some, some coke can wrapper things, you know the things that get stuck around your head?

Dr. Steiner: Well, that happens to the best of us, I'm sure. Tell me, SCP-XXXX, do you know how you are capable of accessing and storing objects elsewhere?

SCP-XXXX: Its like ah, what's a good word. A mountain with streams descending past its wintery slopes. When the water melts at the bottom and flows go through the nooks and crannies into rivers and into seas, the mountain does not know. Sometimes, it feels the tickle of life. Other times, it peers at the blood leaking from a bear's maw. I do not know fully where things go on the mountain, but I can feel them. I can't remember myself, but I can hear the bodies scream.

<Dr. Steiner pauses, then writes down notes on his clipboard. SCP-XXXX stares vacantly.>

SCP-XXXX: At times, it's a buzzing noise, the sound of multiple nameless bees producing a honey so grand, you can't possibly be a part of it. Other times, it's the shoreline encroaching in, dropping wayfaring whales.

Dr. Steiner: I think I have all I need here. I will be back for more testing and interviews.

SCP-XXXX: You're here the next day, Kim. But you're gone yesterday.

something something memory problems happen after complications with the surgery due to REM sleep and agitation expressed by dementia. Make mention of dead dragon-like eels or sea-serpents hanging from a fish-market. All fishes are rotting away in various states of decomposition. Leads to large Apartment structure. Humanoids blink in and out of existence from photos affixed to the ground.

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