Diana’s Spectacular (not really) sandbox hub
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Hi! This is my hub lol. Imma start doing things on here now.

My first two sandboxes- didn’t want to repost em on here so I just thought I’d link. I gotta finish the other pages before they’re posted here so it’s just these for now.

feeling the emotions-still very very new lol

Abandoned-Given up on this and turned it into something else~

JGT Theme JGT site theme.

Rotting Love 2 Second polishing after posting for Rotting Love.

Just Girly Things Tale abandoning the SCP but eeee tale

More JGT shit idk

Lost and Found SCP draft I hope this can be something lol

JGT shit part 800 you tired of seeing this yet?

Why does it matter? Vent skip idk if I'll continue with it

Plant flowers at ✿ to attract spirits Idk, got from the idea generator

Coding test page

Brothel of the hurt Historyyyy

vent I think

Top five cartoon characters erased by time Probably Halloween skip

JGT tamer theme, not mine

jgt christmas tale

SCP-4168 rewrite


Cool mom computer Collab with Mew

unnamed collab with DrChandra

Plant flowers at ✿ to attract spirits rewrite collab with Amelia Wright

Top five cartoon characters erased by time Probably Halloween skip. Also possibly a collab with mew

Drafts I'm stalking: (aka drafts I wanna keep up with that aren't mine)

FTTBWGG rewrite by UraniumEmpire


SCP generator ideas:

✿=Working on/used

  • Computer programs which attract flowers ✿
  • A story which is antimemetic and causes a humanoid entity to appear
  • A Foundation agent who uses mathematical equations to control men
  • A font which is antimemetic and transports people to a region of the ocean
  • Patterns which summon a happy child and instantly spark an argument
  • A hospital where time is stopped and only prostitutes can enter✿
  • Emails which make Foundation personnel lose their memory
  • Weather patterns which tell the future and influence the thoughts of a city of people
  • A jar of jam which can generate infinite flowers and sings
  • Islands where people are unable to sleep
  • Gymnasts who use computer programs to control baseball players
  • Cities in California where everyone perceives things differently
  • Voices which can only be described with words
  • A historical figure who constantly asks for bees
  • Knives which taste like berries and tell the future
  • A story which tells the future and can only be described with sounds
  • Memes which affect the climate and spread memetically
  • Frogs which heal prostitutes
  • A drawing which changes reality
  • A poem which affects the climate
  • Athletes who use memes to steal the memories of Australians
  • A woman who has no personal records
  • A teenager who is abnormally talkative
  • A drawing which influences the thoughts of children
  • A website which reads minds and kills poor people
  • A doctor who vomits berries and is burdened by their powers
  • An article about a lobster with an apple integrated into it that seeks helplessness. The article should explore sanity.



"@import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Livvic&display=swap');"

this is nagiros’ author page but it has coding stuff that I wanna remember

has a code I want to remember

go to edit to find code pasted below
Replace font name with the name of the font.
[[module CSS]]@import url("link to font");[[/module]]

6:42 PM That will include it.


Possible things I may use for JGT in the future:




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