Directorate K and Abnormalities

NOTES(aismallard): having reread this, I think this suffers from a few problems:

  • Directorate K, while a kalinin piece, is not widely known
  • the description of the dots on a background is probably too vague for most readers to make a connection
  • Directorate K uses goofy names for things, which could detract from the DoA vibe
  • the interview log goes on a bit too long, which hurts the pacing. something more concise would fit the mood better imo
  • the image could be better, but that's not too hard to fix

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Item#: 5XXX
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Interior of SCP-XX.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has shuttered SCP-XX under the guise of health code violations. A single posted guard prevents entry.

Description: SCP-XX refers to Serafina di Napoli, a former Italian restaurant located at 355 West 48th St, New York, NY. Its interior luminescence cannot exceed 150 lumens, even in presence of outside lighting.

Upon discovery, all tables held uneaten, stale dishes save one. This table, on one side, possessed scraps of spaghetti alla carbonara, panzanella, and an Americano cocktail; the other held a single glass of water. Several objects surround the table, listed below:

  • [Insert shit here]

In the middle of the table lay a napkin with a marker-drawn logo, depicting a stylized "K" and a name obscured by a black bar.

Addendum XX-1: Contact with Directorate K

Field personnel found SCP-XX after its closure by Italian-American head chef Eliot Federigo. Investigations into Serafina di Napoli uncovered Mr. Federigo's connections with SCP-1659.

Due to a potential violation of the 9 Mile Station Protocol, Foundation ambassador to SCP-1659, Dr. Danamir al-Qahtani, conducted an emergency meeting with current SCP-1659 Null Consulate Chargé de mission for Foundation Affairs, Mx. Adi Paz, to discuss the predicament.


[Dr. al-Qahtani sits in the boardroom, looking down at his files in-front. He occasionally leafs through them, sets them down, and eyes the door next to him. He looks at the far wall's analog clock. It reads 10:32. He sighs and gazes down, tapping his fingers on the table.]

[Someone knocks the door outside. Dr. al-Qahtani stops tapping and takes a deep breath. He stands up.]

al-Qahtani: Come in.

[Mx. Paz enters the room and shakes Dr. al-Qahtani's hand.]

Paz: Good evening, Mr. al-Qahtani. Apologies for the, uh-

al-Qahtani: No, no. No need. It is remarkable you came here on such short notice.

[Dr. al-Qahtani scans the clock again. It reads 10:35.]

al-Qahtani: Please, have a seat, have a seat. Minor things, really.

Paz: Well, I'm not here to disagree. What are we here for?

[Mx. Paz sits opposite of where Dr. al-Qahtani sat. Dr. al-Qahtani remains standing.]

al-Qahtani: Like I said, simple check-up. I'll go through these quickly. How goes your line of work?

Paz: I- It goes well, sir. Same as usual. Well, actually, things moving around a little more than usual, we had to shut down the Second Avian Juvenile Department just this we-

al-Qahtani: Thank you, thank you, that is enough.

[Dr. al-Qahtani paces the room's front. Mx. Paz follows his movements.]

al-Qahtani: Correct me if I'm wrong, there haven't been any… exchanges recently, yes?

Paz: … I don't understand

al-Qahtani: Exchanges, you know, outside parties, communication, anything we should know about.

Paz: I apologize, sir, but per the Nine Mile Station Protocol, I do not have to share strategic assets or decisions made on Directorate K's behalf.

[Dr. al-Qahtani sighs.]

al-Qahtani: Correct, correct, I'm sorry.

[Dr. al-Qahtani glances at the clock. It reads 10:37.]

al-Qahtani: I only wish to discuss one more thing, Mx. It concerns something we found- well, one of our field agents found. Accidently. I hope this is one big misunderstanding.

Paz: I apologize, sir-

al-Qahtani: Do you have any knowledge regarding the Serafina-

[Mx. Paz springs from her seat.]

Paz: Sir, I apologize. I really do. But per the Nine Mile Stati-

al-Qahtani: Mx. Paz, do we have to read the Protocol again? Any articles concerning normalcy? Limiting public knowledge?

[Both pause.]

al-Qahtani: What did you-

Paz: No.

al-Qahtani: I'm sorry?

[Mx. Paz breaths deeply.]

Paz: Not just us.

al-Qahtani: Who?

Paz: You can't know.

al-Qahtani: That doesn't make sense.

Paz: It doesn't make sense… not to us, especially not to you. Like both of us it exists against the tide of reason. It goes beyond reason, and you can't know because of it.

al-Qahtani: Mx. Paz, with all due respect-

Paz: Nothing can begin to approach what happened in there, Mr. al-Qahtani. What they said, what we heard. I don't know how we handle it… Do you know why you had to discover that place?

[Dr. al-Qahtani stares at Mx. Paz and glances at the lock. It reads 10:42. He sits down, and looks up at Mx. Paz.]

al-Qahtani: I don't know.

Paz: Everyone ignored it. No wanted to touch it, see it, hear it. Sensible people. You, not sensible, found it. We, admittedly, did not follow reason either. We didn't bury it far, far underground. It's best to let it rot.

[Both pause.]

al-Qahtani: I can't help but have one question. Whatever happened in that meeting, did it break any article of the Protocol?

Paz: You don't want to know.

[Both stay still.]

Paz: I apologize, sir.

[Mx. Paz leaves the room, and shuts the door behind her.]


Addendum XX-2: Cessation of Communications

Following the interview with Mx. Paz, a quadruped robot delivered an envelope, marked as arriving from "Directorate K's Ovoid Aggregation Division", to the headquarters of a Foundation shell company. The envelope contained a paper, featuring a gray image with ten scattered white dots. The automaton vanished following 24 weeks in containment.

All further attempts at communication regarding SCP-XX have resulted in failure.

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