Document 3333-I

Mission Parameters: Initial reconnaissance of SCP-3333.

Personnel: D-4f68a

Additional Information: D-4f68a was equipped with standard-issue audiovisual exploration recorders. The exploration was supervised by Doctor Williams and a support team located in a temporary observation outpost inside the Fremont lookout.


Doctor Williams: Test, test. Can you hear me?

D-4f68a: Yes? Hello? [Brief pause] Doctor?

Williams: Excellent. Please proceed into SCP-3333.

There is a brief moment of audio feedback due to the proximity between Dr. Williams and D-4f68a. D-4f68a climbs up the ladder into SCP-3333.

Williams: Please report what you see.

D-4f68a: It's—well—I just came from here, but—but wait, it's empty, and how did it—

Williams: Excellent. Thank you. [Brief pause] Please stop talking.


Williams: Thank you. Please continue climbing.

D-4f68a ascends SCP-3333 for approximately an hour.

Williams: Alright, I want to test something. D-4f68a, if you don't mind, could you try opening the door and going outside?

D-4f68a: Okay, Doctor.

D-4f68a opens the door. Strong wind immediately blasts into the room, throwing D-4f68a back against the far wall and moving the furniture. D-4f68a struggles to get across the room, and eventually manages to close the door. He reflexively pulls his hand away from the door handle.

D-4f68a: [Out of breath] Oh my god, what was that? Why was it so hot?

Williams: [Coughs] It is probably best if you stay inside for now.

D-4f68a: I—I see. Yeah, okay.

D-4f68a continues to ascend SCP-3333. Wind is audible. There is no change in the interior of SCP-3333. D-4f68a continues for approximately three hours. D-4f68a takes a simple multiplication-based cognition test every ten iterations of SCP-3333. No change from baseline detected.

Several hours later, D-4f68a rests and eats some rations.

D-4f68a: Doctor Williams, look. Do you see this?

Williams: What is it?

D-4f68a: Looks like- well, it looks like animal fur. It's longer, though, but rough. Sort of abrasive. This stuff is white and, uh- white and orange. There's not a lot, just a few little clumps over here. [Pauses] Jesus, how did any animal get all the way up here?

Williams: That's a great question. [Pauses] Now seems as good a time as any. I'd like you to take that test again, D-4f68a.

D-4f68a: Alright, Doctor.

D-4f68a self-administers the cognition test. No change from baseline detected. D-4f68a has climbed through 184 iterations of SCP-3333, corresponding to approximately 673 meters of vertical gain. While some subtle elevation difference is observable, it is far less than expected.

D-4f68a: Doctor?

Williams: Yes?

D-4f68a: …what is this for?

Williams: The test? [Pause] Well, I guess it can't hurt. It's to test—it's to test how thin the air is.

D-4f68a: How?

Williams: As the air gets thinner, your—[sigh]—well, your brain slows down, basically.

D-4f68a: Uh—okay. Is—this going to hurt me?

Williams: No, no. The test results are the same as they were down here. You're not going up as much as you should.

D-4f68a: Oh. Thanks, Doctor.

Williams: No problem. [Pause, cough] Please, continue climbing.

D-4f68a continues climbing for another hour. At the 245th iteration, D-4f68a stops.

D-4f68a: Doctor! Do—do you see that?

Williams: What?

D-4f68a: Over there—on that peak—are there people up there?

On a ridge southwest of SCP-3333, two vaguely humanoid figures can be seen. They are standing motionless. These figures can only be seen from D-4f68a's perspective; they are not visible from base camp.

D-4f68a: Are there any binoculars in here? I need to see—

Williams: Give us a good look with the camera too—we need to zoom in—

D-4f68a: I found it!

D-4f68a looks through the binoculars at the figures. Base camp attempts to zoom in on the figures with D-4f68a's camera; however, the resolution is too low, and nothing can be made out.

D-4f68a: I can't see them—they're just out of focus—oh god!

The camera tumbles. Base camp zooms out. It appears D-4f68a has ducked under the windowsill.

D-4f68a: They saw the reflection of the binoculars.

Williams: Are you sure?

D-4f68a: They—they looked right at me. [Pause] I think one of them pointed.

Williams: I see.

D-4f68a: You think I—should we take a better look?

Muffled sound of conversation. Base camp confers on the proper course of action. In the meantime, D-4f68a attempts to peer out of the window again.

D-4f68a: They haven't moved. I can't see their faces. They're all black—top to toe. The sun's at their backs—it's hard to see.

Williams: Stay put. [Pause] Go up to the next floor.

D-4f68a: I think they're just waiting.

D-4f68a: No—wait, one of them's put down something.

D-4f68a: They're climbing down the ridge.

Williams: Stop talking. Go up. Do not look back.

D-4f68a turns back and moves quickly to the ladder. He ascends it quickly. At the top, D-4f68a gasps. He dives beneath the table and draws his knees up to their chest, breathing heavily.

D-4f68a: They're here, doc. I saw them. They're here.

Williams: Where are they?

D-4f68a: Same as before. They followed me. They're on the ridge again.

Williams: Turn your camera towards them.

D-4f68a: I don't dare to look. Oh—oh no.

Williams: Is something the matter?

D-4f68a lowers his head, showing both hands to the camera. Tufts of orange fur are stuck to his palms. The fur is caked with dark flecks that appear to be mud or ash. As the camera focuses on the shadows, its white balance automatically adjusts; the floor is covered in more of the orange fur.

D-4f68a: It's still warm. Something isn't right.

Williams: Please—stand up so that we can investigate this further.

D-4f68a: The people—the ridge—I don't dare—

Williams: D-4f68a, you will stand up and take a look outside.

D-4f68a whimpers. He raises both hands to the camera and detaches it from its mounting. Carefully, he sidles up to where the table meets the wall and lift the camera up to the edge at a crooked angle. His hand is shaking badly. From far away, the wind begins to pick up.

D-4f68a: There. [Pause] Is that enough?

Base camp manually adjusts the camera's settings. The sky is orange in colour due to the setting sun. The ridge where the figures were previously sighted is in the top left of the frame, partially obscured by the windowsill. Nothing of interest can be seen.

Williams: Hold the camera still.

Base camp attempts to zoom in on the visible area of the ridge. The camera is still shaking too much to see clearly.

D-4f68a: Doc. Please. Is that enough?

A knocking sound is heard. It is unclear if it is coming from the door or the floor.

D-4f68a: Doc?

The camera falls to the floor. The knocking sound is heard again. It appears as if it is coming from two sources at once.

D-4f68a: Doc, I don't like this.

Williams: What is it? What is that sound?

D-4f68a: Doc, I think it's coming from the floor above.

The knocking sound intensifies.

D-4f68a: Doc? Doc!

Williams: Point the camera. Pick it up! What do you see?

There is the sound of the front door opening. Wind bursts into the room, blowing up clumps of fur from the ground.

D-4f68a: Ah!

There is a faint chattering. D-4f68a's camera and microphone cut out simultaneously.

Williams: What? D-4f68a? D-4f68a! What just happened? Did he turn his recorders off? What happened?


Conclusion: Analysis of D-4f68a's video footage is unable to reveal cause of communication blackout. Equipment error is ruled unlikely. Due to the circumstances surrounding D-4f68a's disappearance, and the possibility of an unknown anomalous object or entity in the upper portion of SCP-3333, another expedition is proposed and approved.

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