Document 3333-IV

Addendum 3333.4.I: Recontainment efforts

Standard all-clear status reports continued to be broadcast from Temporary Observation Post 3333 daily until 2039/04/02, when the 0600h transmission was interrupted by the following unencrypted text string:


This was followed by a string of 32 alphanumeric characters that, when cross-referenced against the observation post's secure communications public key, identified its sender as Counter-Memetic Specialist 0 or someone with intimate knowledge of their personal field verification key. Given these irregularities, a covert recontainment team was assembled and deployed within six hours to assess and respond to the situation at the observation post.

The recontainment team found the observation post abandoned. Communications equipment at base camp appeared to have been sabotaged by an electrical fire started with dry pine needles and animal fur. Exploration III was found logged but unsent on Dr. Williams' field laptop, which had apparently been left running for over a month. No trace of the observation post's 53 personnel — including project lead Dr. Williams, Specialist 0, and MTF Mod-0 — could be found.

The trapdoor to SCP-3333 was shut upon the recontainment team's arrival. It appeared to be blocked from the inside by a heavy object. In light of the events of Exploration III, the recontainment team elected to seal off the entrance until additional reinforcements arrived.

Addendum 3333.4.II: Revised containment procedures (current 2039/04/20)

The entrance to SCP-3333 is to be locked and sealed. At least two armed operatives must be stationed at all times to prevent entry or exit. Any entity emerging from SCP-3333 must be terminated. Preferred method of termination is via small arms fire, though destruction of the head or torso via kinetic impact has also observed to be effective. Incendiary means are ineffective and should not be used.

Wireless communications are not to be used within the immediate vicinity of SCP-3333. Do not trust any wireless communications received in the vicinity of SCP-3333.

Addendum 3333.4.III: DATA SEALED

Transcript of video file transmitted from the mobile phone of Doctor Williams, dated 2039/04/02

[Transcript begins]

The footage begins slightly after the end of Exploration III. Doctor Williams is climbing upwards through SCP-3333, camera attached to her side. She is breathing heavily, and appears to be running from something. Gunshots can be heard down below. A constant chattering sound is audible around her.

Doctor Williams climbs upwards for approximately ten minutes, then stops to rest. She sets the camera up against a table and blocks off the lower trapdoor with a chair. She sits down.

She is covered in ash and blood, is visibly panicked, and is carrying a handgun. Pieces of white animal fur are matted in the blood on her arms and face. She looks at the camera, begins to speak, then starts crying. She continues crying for approximately a minute, then stops.

Williams: It got us. It was wonderfully done. Just the right amount of vagueness, and who would dare argue with a seasoned MTF deciding to turn tail and run? And of course I didn't know any of them closely, so who was I to say if there was anything wrong, but then their skin…

There is a rattling sound. Someone is attempting to get through the trapdoor. Williams grabs the gun and points it at the door.

Voice: Doctor Williams? Doctor Williams! This is MTF Alpha-3! We received a distress call from this outpost! We were attacked by the personnel assigned here! What's going on here, Doctor? [Pounding] Let us in, Doctor!

Williams: [Panicked] St— [Coughs] Stay back! I—I'm not falling for it!

Alpha-3: Doctor Williams! Please! We will treat you as an enemy agent if you do not let us in!

Williams: [Screaming] Stay back!

Several fingers emerge through the trapdoor and begin to lift it up. Williams runs over and stamps on the fingers. There is a crunching sound, and the fingers go completely flat, still trapped in the door. There is a crackling sound as they begin to disintegrate, as if they are composed of cinders. The edges of the fingers burn slightly and smoke for a moment before going out. Williams fires two shots through the top of the door, grabs the camera, and begins climbing again.

Williams climbs for approximately a minute and a half, blocking off more trapdoors as she goes, then stops to vomit and cry. After about ten minutes, she picks up the camera. She spits into its lens and polishes it with her coat, then turns the camera off.

[Transcript ends]

Transcript of video file transmitted from the mobile phone of Doctor Williams, dated 2039/04/03

[Transcript begins]

The footage is timestamped twelve hours after the conclusion of the previous one. Doctor Williams is staring at the camera. Her face is expressionless. Outside, it is dawn. The sky outside the lookout's windows are pink.

Williams: I—am still here. Haven't reached the top yet. [Pause] I'm thirsty. [Pause] I wish I had grabbed a kit. God it's fucking hot.

It begins to rain outside SCP-3333. Williams starts laughing.

Williams: I bet you love that, you bastard. Bet you love the rain. Came a little late, huh?

Williams props up the camera, then goes outside and attempts to drink. After a short period of time, she spits and comes back inside.

Williams: Same ashy shit as earlier.

Williams picks up the camera, attaches it to her side, and continues to climb. Twenty minutes later, she encounters the remains of a humanoid entity. Its skull is visible, clearly canid in nature. It appears the remains have been disturbed at some point: blood and biological matter have been smeared out in stripes slightly wider than a human hand.

Williams approaches the remains, holding her hand to her mouth. With her other hand, she gingerly shifts what is left, revealing a glint of metal and some strips of canvas webbing around the entity's torso. On the torso is a bootprint, slightly larger than the average human's.

Williams: Annette.

Williams gets to her feet and prods the torso with her foot. It is more brittle than it looks, and crumbles into blackened dust. Williams watches the entity for a moment more, and then continues climbing.

The footage ends two hours later, presumably when the camera's batteries run dry.

[Transcript ends]

Transcript of video file transmitted from the mobile phone of Doctor Williams, dated 2039/04/06

[Transcript begins]

Doctor Williams' face fills the frame. The room around her is brighter, though unnaturally so, leaving her face in shadow.

Williams: Sunset is blazing. [pause] Well, I've stopped here for now. Annette reached the peak—I don't think I'm anywhere near it.

She stops talking and cocks her head to the right. In the background, a faint knocking noise has begun.

Williams: I don't think it wants me to.

Doctor Williams turns the camera to face the lookout's trapdoor above her. She shifts her hand, and the knocking sound becomes louder, clearly emanating from the floor above. It is soft and regular: two knocks, pause, one knock, and a longer pause.

She turns the camera back to her face. The light shifts. It is clear now that her pupils are constricted, almost abnormally so; and her lips are now shrunken and black. Her breathing is shallow.

Williams: So — what I'm going to do is — is I'm going to stay here. If you're at base camp, don't come up. [Pause] If you're Annette, I'd stay where you are, too.

She turns the camera to the window. The source of the sky's colour is now clear. From behind the ridges of the lookout's surrounding mountaintops, there is a fierce orange glow. No sun is visible in the sky.

Williams: Pissed, aren't you? Well, I'm not moving. You won't have me—not where you want me, not at your terrible crowned peak.

Williams slumps against the wall of the lookout, leaving the camera on the table. She remains in that position for several hours.

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.

Williams immediately stops and pulls out a gun. It is an MTF-issue P90-1, its casing blackened with soot. She is breathing heavily, and her hands are shaking.

There is another knock, this time coming from directly behind the camera.

Williams turns around. Something moves, knocking the camera to the ground. It climbs over the table unsteadily, hitting the ground on all fours. It has human arms and human legs of unusually long length. It is extremely emaciated and its skin is dry and cracked. A device is clipped to its left wrist.

Its head is not visible from the camera angle. It raises its torso and makes a breathy, rattling sound.

Williams: ANNETTE!

Williams screams, discharging a burst of fire into the entity's torso and left arm.

The entity stumbles, coughing violently as embers are expelled from its mouth. It collapses to the ground, still moving towards Doctor Williams as more of its skin flakes off, revealing charred flesh and ash underneath. It comes within a few paces of Doctor Williams, who lifts her boot and stamps it into their skull, which collapses with a distinct crack and an expulsion of embers and soot.

Williams: It—it's— [Pause]

Doctor Williams attempts to throw up again. However, she is only able to retch for several seconds.

Williams: …Annette…

From above, the knocking begins again.

Williams leaves the frame, retreating to the other end of the room. Over the next ten minutes, a few sobs can be heard from her corner, sporadic and dry.

[Transcript ends]

Transcript of video file transmitted from the mobile phone of Doctor Williams, dated 2039/04/09

[Transcript begins]

Williams is staring at the camera. She has propped her body up against the side of the lookout's bed. The room is fully lit in a shiftng, blazing orange glow. In her left hand, she is clutching the P90-1. Empty shells and singed orange fur litter the ground around her.

Her lips move, producing no sound for several seconds. When she speaks, her voice is soft and rasping. She is no longer enunciating clearly. No other sounds can be heard in the background.

Williams: Nnnnyo sunset. It's been like this for — for three days. No midnight. [Pause] It's grown silent. Waiting me out.

Williams jumps. Something jostles the camera, though no sound is heard. She pushes herself further into the corner. Though she attempts to raise the weapon at one point, it seems she is too weak to handle it properly. Her eyes and mouth open wide in terror.

Her next words do not align with her facial movements in the slightest.

Williams: There is a fetish among humans at the deepest level about enlightenment and height, about ignorance and depth.

Shards of glass burst into view, as if thrown from behind the camera. A gust of wind begins blowing, sending some chairs in the room flying. Williams herself is pressed against the wall, unable to resist.

Williams: [Softly and quickly] Here we are, on a castle in the sky, on a mountain in the air, the God Pillar, a recursive stack…

Her voice drops to a whisper. The rest of her words are inaudible.

The orange glow becomes more intense. Burning cinders float into view, blown up by the wind. Smoke fills the room; the wooden floor of the lookout is catching fire. Williams' skin begins to blister and crack. As she struggles, it seems as if her boots are stuck to the ground. The rubber of their soles has begun to melt.

Williams: [Slightly louder] Foxes are known to eat tongues. Did you know that?

She raises her head upwards. Something is moving behind her, though the smoke and the orange glare behind the windows makes it shape hard to see. Williams opens her mouth in a silent scream.

Williams: Tongues are full of blood and muscle. Tongues are very wet and alive. Tongues help you speak.

The shape lumbers into view in the window behind Williams, climbing up the side of the elevated lookout. It has four spindly legs and an elongated, almost serpentine, body, all covered in orange fur. As it approaches, the window shatters as if under immense heat, though no sound is heard. Sparks and smoke blow into the room.

Williams: That's why it loves us. That's why it needs us.

The creature stoops, bending its long legs and passing its head and neck through the shattered window. Its head is a canid skull, blackened and glowing in a wreath of fire. Two burning coals serve as its eyes. It opens its mouth wide. There is a tremor, and the camera's lens cracks.

The creature then winds around to face Williams, now motionless and engulfed in flames.

Williams: [Speaking more slowly] Annette was allowed to reach its peak; I wasn't. [Pauses] Loo. Lee. Lawlawlawlawlaw.

The creature gnashes its teeth, exhaling little plumes of flames. It gapes its jaws wide and bites down on Williams' head. Slowly, it picks Williams up, whose body dangles loosely from its grip. It is unclear if Williams is alive at this point.

Williams: It still feels a little unfair. But there's nothing in here. Nothing for us, nothing for me.

The creature bites down, separating Williams' head from her body. It remains in the frame for several more seconds, turning Williams' head around in its jaws. Then it draws its head back, out of the window, and descends the lookout's tower. Shortly after this, the video feed cuts out.

Nothing is heard in the following one minute and twenty-five seconds.

Williams: There's nothing. It's just fucking silence and smoke.

Williams clears her throat.

Williams: I—I think I'm going to come down now. Wish me luck.

[Transcript ends]

Image file transmitted from the mobile phone of Doctor Williams, dated 2039/04/17

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