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Special Containment Procedures: The six recovered instances of SCP-0000 in containment are to be kept within a reinforced humanoid containment cell at Site-77. For the purposes of containment, SCP-0000 instances are to be fitted with sound-cancelling head units that fully cover the mouth in order to prevent exposure by containment personnel. Individuals who are believed to have been exposed to SCP-0000 instances should be remanded to the Site-77 Psychological Care Ward for evaluation.

Once daily, contained instances of SCP-0000 are to be fed a slurry of rabbit, boar, root vegetables and sheep's milk.

Description: SCP-0000 is the group designation for any number of humanoid entities discovered near the town of Dresden in East Germany in 1977. SCP-0000 are tall, roughly 2.3m in height and thin, with dark red skin and yellow eyes. Each instance is covered in black tattoos across the entire surface of their body depicting imagery consistent with the ideologies and cultural consciousness of the German Third Reich as it was expressed under Adolph Hitler. This includes several coats of arms, passages from Nazi literature, and a stylized swastika emblazoned on the back of the entity. The entities have small heads relative to their size, with wide mouths and small, slanted noses. SCP-0000 instances move in awkward, jerking motions with their arms tucked high to their sides and elbows out, as if to maintain their balance.

SCP-0000 entities create a constant droning vocalization when their mouths are uncovered. This vocalization is subsonic and generally not detectable by human ears, and causes the entity to be rendered invisible to any human being who hears the vocalizations. Additionally, the vocalizations of SCP-0000 create specific deviations in the behavior of human population groups, though this effect is not significant on individuals; while individual humans will express discomfort at the appearance of SCP-0000 instances, they do not appear to be affected by the more significant effect seen in larger groups.

Larger groups of individuals exposed to SCP-0000 experience a change in behaviour consistent with mild xenophobia. Groups will begin to express distrust in ideologies, cultures or lifestyles that were foreign to the mid-1900s German state, even if that distrust is contradictory to the individuals' personal beliefs. Eventually this influence tends to result in aggression towards those in the group who would be considered foreign or otherwise divergent by the mid-1900s German state, even by other individuals who fall into that group.

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