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Item#: 0000
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
USMILA Site-19 Tilda Moose Everett Mann, M.D. MTF A-14 "Dishwashers"

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000-A is currently contained by SCP-0000-B under the terms of Protocol 115-ASHE. Based on the current understanding of the conditions of SCP-0000-A, the anomaly should dissipate entirely on January 20th, 2021, at 12:00PM EST. Due to SCP-0000-B's effect on SCP-0000-A, no other containment procedures are required.

Containment and mitigation of the global geopolitical effects, both anomalous and mundane, of SCP-0000-B are managed by the Department of International Affairs, the Records and Information Security Administration (RAISA), the Department of Information Control and Suppression, the Department of Applied Influence, the Department of Analytics, the Department of Strategic Analysis, the North American Site Directors Council, the European Site Directors Council, the East Asian Site Directors Council, the South American Site Directors Council, Western Regional Command, the Classification Committee, the Containment Committee, the Ethics Committee and Overwatch Command.

Direct assessment and analysis on the ongoing SCP-0000-B information control effort is under the express jurisdiction of the Special Committee Regarding Robert Mueller's Investigation. This committee replaced the Ledermann Commission that developed Protocol 115-ASHE. The current acting leadership for this committee is as follows:

Committee Lead: Dir. Sophia Light - Director, Western Regional Command
Assistant Lead: Dr. Mark Kiryu - Sr. Research
Psychology Consult: Dr. Simon Glass - Head, Foundation Psychology
Research Consult: Dr. Charles Gears - Head, Foundation Analytics
Thaumaturgical Consult: Dr. Katherine Sinclair - Director, Thaumatology and Occult Studies, Site-87
Containment Consult: Dr. Hollister Cox - Asst. Director, Site-81
General Consult: Dir. Jack Bright - Head, Foundation Personnel
Tactical Consults: Agent Sasha Merlo and Agent Daniel Navarro
GOI Liaison: Dr. Justine Everwood - GOI Specialist
Special Liaison to the FBI: Agent Carmen Maldonado - Unusual Incidents Unit

Additional details regarding the conditions of Protocol 115-ASHE and the SCP-0000-B information control efforts are available elsewhere in this document.

Description: SCP-0000 is the group designation for anomalous phenomenon affecting the Executive branch of the United States Government.

SCP-0000-A is thaumatological entity, self-titled as "Old Gorman", which was ritualistically summoned to the material plane by US Supreme Court Justice and noted sorcerer Charles Evans Hughes during the US General Election of 1916. The supposed intent of this summoning was to aid Justice Hughes in his campaign against incumbent President Woodrow Wilson; however, this effort was in vain, as SCP-0000-A was originally too weak to take any action that would have aided the Republican Candidate. After his eventual loss to Wilson, Hughes - either unknowingly or out of spite1, altered the conditions of his ritual in such a way that changed SCP-0000-A's stated intentions, leaving the entity to sleep for 100 years before awakening.

SCP-0000-B is United States President Donald John Trump. SCP-0000-B is a powerful reality sink, negating the anomalous effects of supernatural entities or artifacts near it by altering the way those entities or artifacts interact with the fabric of spacetime. This ability appears to be innate to SCP-0000-B's existence as a whole, as individual pieces of SCP-0000-B or parts of SCP-0000-B disconnected from the rest of the entity do not carry the same negating properties. It was originally believed that the anti-anomalous field created by SCP-0000-B had a latent ability to make those around SCP-0000-B more susceptible to suggestion, though this has been determined to be false (see Addendum 0000.X for more details).


United States Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes.

Addendum 0000.1: Discovery and Background

The discovery of SCP-0000-B and its application in the containment of SCP-0000-A came about as the result of an investigation by the Ledermann Commission, which itself arose from an investigative thaumatological task force out of Site-87. The task force, headed by Dr. Katherine Sinclair, was assigned to study known occult texts from the early 1900s in order to assess them for information about possible anomalous entities that were not yet known; this effort was part of a greater Foundation-wide initiative to take a more proactive role in the discovery and containment of anomalous entities and artifacts.

The report, penned by Dr. Sinclair and titled "An Investigative Study Into Cosmological Entities With Potential To Affect The American Federal Government", identified thirteen such entities and artifacts. Of those, several could not be accounted for and three had been destroyed entirely. The only entity that could be identified and determined to still be active was the entity called "Old Gorman", at the time discretely inhabiting the western steps of the United States Capitol Building.

In the second volume of a series of journals penned by United States Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes in 1916, the justice describes a meeting he had with fellow sorcerer Ames Hammond, a minor financial consultant from New York and fellow member of the Metaphysical Club2. In the meeting, which took place in late 1915, the two men discussed shifting political climates and a desire to see the United States stay out of the war in Europe. Hammond, whose business investments strongly favored the continued existence of the current Austro-Hungarian State, advised that Hughes should accept the Republican nomination - should it fall to him - and that the presidency could be won using sorcery and thaumatological influences.


Supreme Court Justice and influential sorcerer Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Hughes seems to have already been considering accepting the nomination even before this meeting, and the two of them met shortly afterwards with fellow Supreme Court Justice and Metaphysical Club member, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Holmes suggested the summoning of a spiritual familiar to enhance Hughes' perceived charisma, but Hammond was insistent that more dramatic action needed to be taken. Hughes writes that he and Holmes consulted numerous books of the arcane and occult before finally deciding on a demon from the 11th Plane of Blasphemy (Infernal Rituals and Incantations, Vol. 12, Section 27) to interfere with President Wilson's reelection campaign.

The remainder of the journals detail the steps taken by Hughes, Holmes and Hammond to prepare for the summoning ceremony, which took place at the beginning of summer in 1916. In Hughes' account, the incantation took place at Holmes' estate in Washington D.C. In the fourth volume of the journals, Hughes lists the components for the summoning as follows:

  • 3 pieces of cloven hoof
  • ash from a burned text of incantations
  • one full onion, diced
  • the eyes of six frogs
  • a lost lamb's heart, quartered
  • tears of a maiden
  • seven teeth
  • six pieces of silver
  • six pieces of gold
  • a precious gem3

Shortly after summoning the entity, Hughes described it in his journal as such:

…the beast was like a man, though grotesque in shape and stature. He was no taller than the height of a man's knee and its face bore an expression of great displeasure. It had skin of mottled grey and red, and its eyes (there were six) sat too deeply into its skull. It emerged from within a cloud of sulfure and smoke and swore loudly and became violent to myself and my compatriots, who were forced to beat it into a corner with brooms.

Once the brooming had subsided it introduced itself as Gorman. Perhaps it sensed the disappointment in my eyes at its diminutive size, as it attempted to prove its otherworldly power by producing a terrible stink, one like sun-burnt faeces and bile, from out of its mouth. Myself and Oliver commenced to brooming again until it stopped.

Hughes quickly realized his error - the entity was barely unable to stand upright for more than a few moments, and did not have the strength yet to carry out any sort of violence against the President or his campaign. Frustrated, Hughes claims to have locked Gorman in a wooden box and kept it near his person at all times, where the demon would shout obscenities and propel small, stinking flames at the justice.

Old Gorman disappears from Hughes' personal texts until after the election, when he lost handily to the incumbent Wilson. In a quick note left at the end of one journal, he writes:

[[div style="display: block ; border : dashed 1px #444444 ; background :#F5F5F5 ; margin-left : auto ; margin-right : auto ; width : auto ; padding:10px"]]
Fell creature was not worth the effort. He insults me even now and his words are filthy.

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