SCP-0000: The Demon Hector and the Dread Titania
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Item#: 0000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
PARAGON Desdemona Francoeur Dr. Osmon Iles N/A

Special Containment Procedures: The containment of SCP-0000, as well as SCP-2254, SCP-4812, and SCP-4840 are under the express supervision of Project PARAGON. Due to the potential eschatological ramifications of SCP-0000, special precautions must be taken to ensure SCP-0000 is not exposed to other entities contained by Project PARAGON.

The PARAGON South America Forward Operating Site (SAFOS) has been erected around the access shaft leading to SCP-0000. Under no circumstances are unauthorized personnel to be permitted access to SAFOS, and lethal force has been authorized against any personnel or groups who would attempt to breach the 1km exclusion zone surrounding SCP-0000.

Periodically, fire teams must enter the super-exclusion area immediately surrounding SCP-0000 and use incendiary devices to slow the advance of SCP-0000's root structure. Personnel involved in these fire teams are allowed only 15 minutes of sustained exposure to the SCP-0000 root system. Any personnel directly observing SCP-0000 must do so from an aerial vehicle or from Observation Towers Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie.

No personnel are permitted to come within 1km of SCP-0000 at any time. All observation of SCP-0000-A must be done remotely.


Ancient suit of armor discovered near the SCP-0000 access shaft. Origin unknown.

Description: SCP-0000 is a colossal, botanical entity located near -0.494809, -54.250002 in the Brazilian rainforest. SCP-0000 is comprised of a wide trunk and many thousands of arching branches reaching away from the center mass like a tree, though SCP-0000 does not closely resemble any known species of similar biological structures. SCP-0000's trunk is roughly 380m in diameter, and the entire structure reaches a height of nearly 9.2km.

SCP-0000 is suspended from the roof of a massive void in the crust of the Earth. This space, which extends a full 52km at its widest point and extends down nearly 26km, appears to have formed naturally between 450 and 425 million years ago. The walls of the cavern are covered almost entirely in the roots of SCP-0000, leading researchers to believe that SCP-0000's root structure at one point extended down into the Earth as opposed to up from it, as it does now.

The floor of the cavern is covered in a 200m thick cloud of poisonous fog, which emanates from a jagged opening on the side of SCP-0000. The composition of this fog is unknown - living creatures who breathe the substance suffer near-immediate seizing and loss of neurological function, and spectrogram analysis of the substance has been inconclusive.

While SCP-0000's oldest growth roots are stationary, sections of new growth are mobile and hostile. Roots that appear above ground will attempt to pull anything nearby them - man, machine, animal or otherwise - into the cavern below through the soil. This effect can be temporarily mitigated by ceasing movement entirely - SCP-0000's active root structures do not appear to be capable of recognizing or detecting immobile humans. Personnel who find themselves closed within a section of this root system can quickly lie down and stay as still as possible until fire teams arrive to push the roots back. However - due to the rapid rate at which these roots grow, it is likely that a person attempting to avoid being seized by the root system could unintentionally find themselves swallowed and suffocated by the mass of roots growing over them, if they are not reached by fire teams quickly enough.


SCP-0000-A. Image taken from surveillance footage, and has been isolated and adjusted for clarity. The remainder of SCP-0000-A is entirely within SCP-0000.

SCP-0000 is accessible via a large, cylindrical access shaft located roughly 1.5km from the inverted base of the entity. A stone stairwell is built into the side of the shaft, though it ends just below the lip of the cavern's ceiling in a manner indicating that it originally extended beyond that point1. Radar scans of the bottom of the cavern indicate an extensive network of ruins and rubble that are totally covered by the poisonous fog. Numerous large mounds are situated throughout the ruins, but it is unknown what makes up these structures.

SCP-0000-A is a vaguely humanoid entity partially emerging from the jagged opening in the side of SCP-0000. The entity is roughly 23m in height, with six arms and six eyes set in two columns of three each. The entity appears to have numerous scars and burns across its skin. One of its six arms is significantly larger than the other five, and is at least partially fused at the wrist with a large iron spear, roughly 18m in length, which appears to have been used as leverage to pierce and open the side of SCP-0000.

SCP-0000-A is capable of speech, but vocalizes in a currently unknown language. SCP-0000-A will respond to stimuli, though rarely becomes distracted from the state of permanent torment it appears to be in. SCP-0000-A seems to be capable of localized biological regeneration, putting it in constant flux between the ambient destruction of its body as a result of exposure to the open cavity of SCP-0000, and its own reconstructure. While SCP-0000-A has responded to Foundation-provided stimuli, it has thus far not attempted to communicate with any Foundation personnel or vehicles. It is unknown if SCP-0000-A is even aware that it is being communicated with.

SCP-0000-A is, according to information gathered from interviews with SCP-4840-A, the "Demon Hector", one of four primordial entities originating from a long-since lost near-human civilization. SCP-0000-A, as well as SCP-4840-B2, SCP-22543, and a yet-undiscovered fourth entity4 are potentially many millions of years old, if not older. SCP-0000-A, as well as SCP-0000 itself, predate all known human civilizations and, possibly, the existence of much of the Earth itself.

Addendum 0000.1: Discovery

Prehistoric information related to SCP-0000 is extremely scarce. Information gathered from several sources indicate that numerous populaces of humans existed in and around the SCP-0000 access point, but little remains of artifacts that would tie specific groups to the area. In her proposal to the Project PARAGON senior leadership detailing the Foundation's current understanding of those groups, Dr. Emma Lancaster described her team's findings as such:

The existence of SCP-4008, the Wormwood anomaly, has cast doubt on everything we know about our own history. As a weapon developed by a prehistorical SCP-1000 civilization, the Wormwood was capable of swallowing entire ethnic groups, their cities, their histories and more - essentially erasing these civilizations from the historical record. Our study of the SCP-4008 anomaly continued to point back towards a source - a historical black hole, something that we could not even find buried trace of.

The Amazon is not known for being kind to the records of those who have lived there. The soil and humidity grinds stone and bone into dust, but in one place more than anywhere else we saw nothing - no trace of human civilization, no records of human habitation, nothing. And it is in this black hole that we knew we could find it - the root from which the Wormwood grows.

PARAGON began mapping these forests forty years ago, starting with the very edge of what we know and spiraling inward. Lost in the darkness beneath that canopy was a vacuum, one that pulled us towards it with unyielding force. Each meter of land we found absent of any trace of humans was another breadcrumb towards the open door of what we eventually found - the dark hole in the middle of history.

We had puzzled over what tree could bear the fruit of the Wormwood. Now we know - a dead one.

Addendum 0000.2: SCP-0000

The following is an excerpt from a recorded meeting of Project PARAGON Director Desdemona Francoeur, Site-14 Director of Pararchaeology Adam Malthus, and SAFOS Chief of Staff Alejandro Freitas.

Internal Audio Recording Transcript

In Attendance:

  • PARAGON Director Desdemona Francoeur
  • SCPF Site-14 Asst. Director Adam Malthus
  • SAFOS Chief Alejandro Freitas

Dir. Francoeur: I wanted to thank you in advance about being on top of our perimeter issue. Don't feel the need to have to contact my office if we need to do that again.

Freitas: The situation necessitated it. It's getting harder to push the growth back. We're cycling day/night shifts and it's helping - but only barely.

Dir. Francoeur: How long do you expect before we'll need to move it again?

Freitas: Rough guess… two weeks?

Dir. Francoeur: That's not great. What about our alternate access proposal?

Freitas: On hold for the moment. All of our test sites have gotten bogged down almost immediately. It's a web of roots down there, and they're tough. You'd be able to convince me they were petrified.

Dir. Francoeur: Alright. We'll reassess that once we have Crow and his team on-site. Sorry to keep you waiting Adam-

Malthus: You're fine.

Dir. Francoeur: I got a chance to read your report. What do you think?

Malthus: In general? Everything below that pit is old. Millions of years old, even. We've only had the birds in there a short time, but the mapping we've done so far has been really something.

Dir. Francoeur: What about the floor level? Beneath the cloud?

Malthus: Hard to say. What we've got so far has just been snippets and grainy radar returns. None of it is telling, but something else you might find interesting - none of it is South American.

Dir. Francoeur: What do you mean?

Malthus: You know how we had been talking about looking for the missing civilizations out here? When we first got down there our first guesses were that we would find them under that haze, but none of what we've seen even remotely matches anything build by human hands in the last ten-thousand years.

Dir. Francoeur: That's a start. Where do you think we go next?

Malthus: We need to gather more information. Building our viewing decks and staring at that thing all day isn't going to make it sprout answers. There's something going on down there and we need more resources if we want to figure it out.

Dir. Francoeur: We can work with that. Where do you want to start?

Malthus: The SCP-1000 file would be great. Are you familiar with SCP-2932?

Dir. Francoeur: Adjacently. Why do you ask?

Malthus: Alejandro can probably tell you more - I think SAFOS grabbed a bunch of stuff from there a while back. The long and short of it is that the Children of the Night - the Bigfoot, as it were, they used that place as a prison for all their worst baddies. I don't have clearance to know what all they've got locked up in there, but I do know that the magical core that keeps the lights on over there is this big red gem. The gremlin running around in there says that it's the heart of Titania, a goddess who pulled out her own heart to keep the Children of the Night safe. But, and I know this goes against everything we're taught as researchers, but I've read enough Shakespeare to know that Titania isn't a Bigfoot god. It's a faerie god. So something is afoot with that.

Dir. Francoeur: Alright. I can request the clearance you're looking for. What else do you want?

Malthus: We need to bring in somebody from the Eshu team. We need to-

Dir. Francoeur: Adam, we can't-

Malthus: I know you think we can't, but I don't know what else to tell you, Director. There is a limit to what I can come up with - there just isn't a written history for any of this. They got lucky with whatever they came up with over in Europe in that somebody had written something down about it, but out here? First hand account is the best we've got. We need to talk to one of these things, get whatever we can out of them. They're going to know more about what happened here than what we've got right now - dust and best guesses.

Dir. Francoeur: (Sigh) Fine. I'll work with that. Anything else?

Malthus: One of the brothers.

Dir. Francoeur: You're joking.

Freitas: Brothers?

Malthus: I'm not. Preferably the less murderous of them. 4840-A has been sitting on his rock for the last few eons. We need someone who was there.


Dir. Francoeur: Alright. I'll work on that too.

Addendum 0000.3: Interview

Notice: certain elements of this interview may be redacted or altered per Protocol 4000-ESHU

The following is an interview with an honored and feathered representative within the long and winding woods. The interview was conducted by Dr. Park Daesung during the mandated yearly observance of Order O5-4000-F26.

Dr. Park: Thank you for taking the time to sit with me. I won't be very long.

"Of course, of course. It is no trouble, not for me. Not often do I get many travelers, this far off the road. This is a pleasant surprise."

Dr. Park: Some time ago, agents of ours discovered an ancient prison, deep in a forest. The original owners seem to have disappeared, but a creature there indicated that the prison had been constructed by beings called the Children of the Night. Are you familiar?

The avian interviewee readjusts nervously.

"Oh. Well, yes. We always heard stories, you know. I never saw it for myself, but you heard stories. High walls of stinking black stone. Fires. I imagine it would be mostly reduced to rubble by now, though."

Dr. Park: Who were the Children of the Night?

"Interlopers. Fell pursuers. Nightstalkers. They were a ruptured boil, you know. Our soothsayers and deepthinkers considered them a minor nuisance, until the moment they suddenly weren't. They were our negligence."

Dr. Park: Where did they come from?

"Who can say? There are probably some here who might know more, or better. I tried to stay out of it. I had a shop in the old white city on the coast, back in the before times. They were in the dark forests, in the south. But you heard stories."

Dr. Park: They've got some artifact hung up in that prison - we believe it is what has been powering it for as long as it has been around. The last jailer there calls it the Heart of Titania. Do you know anything about-

"Does he, now."

The calm and flightless friend reaches into a pocket and produces a locket. They stare at it briefly.

"Hudaru was his name. He alone was allowed to keep it when they burned them off the rest of us. Coward. Traitor."

Dr. Park: You know about this entity?

"We all do. Hudaru fell in with the interlopers the moment they showed strength. Begged them for his life and his name, and the nightstalkers let him keep both - just so long as he did as they asked."

Dr. Park: What did they ask for?

"A betrayal. He was happy to oblige. Those dark forests were sacred, holy - you would hear stories about Titania, the blessed Queen-mother, walking those long paths. This place was modeled after that one, you know. I suspect it probably looked more like this than it did after the pursuers appeared."

Dr. Park: What was the betrayal?

"I really shouldn't say. Shouldn't give him the satisfaction, if he feels anything like it. I hope they reduced him to a bug. That's all he was to them."

The beaked companion puts away the locket.

"It was a blasphemy they wanted. The queen-mother protected us, kept the men from our forests and kept the interlopers in the dark. But commit a blasphemy, and maybe. Maybe they find their way in."


"They say that when the interlopers came, they came like roaches - scuttling through the trees and shrieking. They found the queen-mother, exactly where he had told them she would be, and with his help they tore through her side and pulled out her-"


Dr. Park: I'm sorry, we can conclude if you'd like.

"I- I think that's for the best. I'm sorry, it's been such a long time. Most, I think, probably don't even… can't even remember what it was like to live with her like we did, back then. I can barely remember it myself. Wretched Hudaru. They pulled her heart out and built their corpse-city around her festering remains. Oh, Titania. They made a mockery of you. Forgive us. Forgive us."

Interview concludes.

Addendum 0000.4: Interview

The following is an interview with SCP-073. The interview was conducted by SCPF Western Regional Director Sophia Light.

SCP-073: Director Light, what a surprise this is. Here I had thought you didn't have sufficient time for little Class 3s like me anymore.

Dir. Light: Cheeky, Cain, but it's Sophia, please. Director Light was my father.

SCP-073: Very well, Sophia. This is an unusual setting for the two of us. What is the occasion?

Dir. Light: We've been following some anomalous activity over the last few years that has begun to escalate, and I'm hoping you might be able to answer some questions I have about it.

SCP-073: Hmmmm. You know, it occurs to me - with the amount of "anomalous activity" you deal with on a day-to-day basis, after a while wouldn't it just start to feel like… activity?

Dir. Light: You can't imagine.

SCP-073: Perhaps not. But, I will strive to answer your questions as best I can, though I fear for what inquiries you might have if you're forced to come to me to resolve them.

Dir. Light: I need to know what you know about the Children of the Night.


SCP-073: The Children… of the Night. My, my. You really have gotten yourselves into it now, have you?

Dir. Light: We've had them classified for a long time now, the few who remain, but their motives and origins remain a mystery to us. It's like their entire history has been swallowed up.

SCP-073: Yes… yes, that was probably the point.

Dir. Light: Please, go on.

SCP-073: Where to begin. The Children of the Night - first of all, I have never encountered them myself. They only came to my side of the world once, in the long ago, but I was… otherwise preoccupied at the time. They came at the behest of their masters, looking for someone who had commit a terrible sin. The first sin, in fact.

Dir. Light: Your father.

SCP-073: Director Light. You know more than you're letting on.

Dir. Light: Suffice to say, yes. Continue.

SCP-073: Yes. It was my father, the First Man. He had taken something from a place that he should not have ventured, and in response the Children of the Night came across the sea to give him justice for it.

Dir. Light: What happened to him?

SCP-073: Who can say. I've heard it said that they pulled him limb from limb and offered his soul to the Earth as penance for the crimes he had committed. More likely, they just killed him and left him for carrion. How they deduced a way to do that when even my dear brother could not manage it is beyond me.

Dir. Light: Why are they called the Children of the Night?

SCP-073: In contrast to us, I imagine. We - humanity as a whole, were born under the brilliant sun of my father. We were different then - radiant beings, still aglow in that magnificent light. We have been… reduced, slightly, since our separation from it- (gestures across his body) but we are still now what we were then, even if we - as a whole - don't enjoy the same long life we once did. So we were the Children of the Sun.

Dir. Light: Was everyone in Audapaupadopolis a Child of the Sun?


SCP-073: You… truly have gotten yourselves into it, then.

Dir. Light: What do you mean?

SCP-073: That city… I know you thought it would perhaps surprise me to learn that you know of it - and it has - but surprise becomes supplanted by fear in short order. No, they were not all like us. Other beings were there as well, greater and more terrible than I by far, but none greater and more terrible than my father. It was under his protection that our people and the secrets there were kept safe. When he was gone the city diminished, and those secrets became vulnerable, those who remained worked diligently to find a way to protect them. If they have become exposed again… yes. I see now why you have come to me.

Dir. Light: I'm not sure I understand.

SCP-073: The Children of the Night exist for a singular purpose - the ruination of the world. They had their own culture - in their own way, but they prayed to the darkness not because it comforted them or gave them serenity, but because it was antithetical to the light of my father and his golden city.

Dir. Light: What do you mean, ruination of the world?

SCP-073: I only know what I've heard. I wasn't there when much of this took place. They say that when the Children of the Night were first born, they had all the curiosity of children, and when the starlight of their masters was not sufficient to satisfy their curious desires, they found darker gods to pray to. Those gods demanded their pound of flesh in exchange for the powers required to fulfill the Children of the Night's desires, and that pound would come from the history of mankind. As they would swarm a civilization and pull it into the earth, all record of it would cease to be - and this would be their payment.

Dir. Light: You mentioned that before, as well. Who were their masters?

SCP-073: Ah… it was the faeries who made them. Or rather, wished for them. The faeries worshipped Titania, the goddess of wishes. (Pauses) My father was beautiful, and magnificent… but a stray request by a child set a seed of envy in his heart, and his light was turned towards a singular desire - one that might have unmade the world, were it to be followed through to its end.

Dir. Light: So they're a defense mechanism.

SCP-073: Of sorts. The Children of Starlight saw my father's light rising in the east and prayed to Titania for salvation. I do not know what they prayed for, or what it cost them, but it was not long after that voyagers began telling tales of dark figures standing against the treeline on those far shores. In time, they did come for the world of man - but not before they turned on their masters as well. They are destroyers, and if they find prominence in this world again, they will not rest until they drag us back into the Earth again.

Dir. Light: This is a lot to take in, but it's valuable information. Thank you.

SCP-073: I wish I had more to offer, but alas - my absence throughout much of that ancient history of man puts me at a distinct disadvantage here.

Dir. Light: I understand. (Pauses) How old are you, Cain?

SCP-073: Hah. Sophia, I have long since lost track. The years slip by and lifetimes become lost. In ages past I have lived countless other lives - by other names, in other places. It is impossible to say. My longevity has persisted as a blessing by my father, but it will not last forever. The most I can hope to accomplish is to correct our wrongs, such as they are, before I too slip quietly into that darkness below.

Dir. Light: Well, if you think of anything else, please let me-

SCP-073: Wait.

Dir. Light: Pardon?

SCP-073: This… alright. This is going to sound like a long shot, but there may be someone else you can speak to.

Dir. Light: Who?

SCP-073: There was an old sorcerer who served the ancient House of Apollyon - Methuselah was his name. Learned from a dying Daeva king how to prolong his life with blood magic. He's been poking around history ever since - appearing in places of power, or near them. No doubt he has delusions of grandeur, but he is certainly capable of some very real magic.

Dir. Light: Where do you think this person would be?

SCP-073: I'm not certain… he would be very old by now. Hundreds of thousands of years, no doubt. I'm not sure what effect that would have on his mind, but… he would have been there. He might know more about your Children of the Night.

Dir. Light: I see. (Pauses) Cain. Your memory is photographic, isn't it?

SCP-073: It is.

Dir. Light: Do you think you could remember this Methuselah if you saw his face?

SCP-073: Of course.

Director Light produces her mobile terminal. After a moment, she turns it to show SCP-073.

Dir. Light: Is this him?

SCP-073: Huh. It is. Where did you get that picture? Do you have him locked up somewhere, too?

Dir. Light: In a manner of speaking, yes. Thank you, Cain. This has been invaluable.

SCP-073: Think nothing of it. Although…

Dir. Light: Yes?

SCP-073: If it is not too much to inquire, in Audapaupadopolis, you might have found a… a man. Perhaps just one man, or even… or even his remains. If you… if you have found this man, perhaps you could let me know? I just - there was myself, and Able, but our youngest brother… it has just been such a long time, and I can't help but wonder…

Dir. Light: I'm sorry, Cain. You know I wouldn't be able to do that, even if I wanted to.

SCP-073: Ah, yes. Of course, I- I understand. (Pauses) I would've quite liked to have… to have apologized, to him. Ah. But we all have regrets, yes?

Addendum 0000.5: Perimeter Report

The following is a report filed by SAFOS Chief of Staff Alejandro Freitas to the Project PARAGON leadership group regarding unusual activity along the SCP-0000 perimeter.


South American Forward Operating Site

Unusual Activity Report

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