KaktusKontainer IV
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Interior edge of SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: Reports of SCP-0000 are to be monitored and suppressed by Foundation Information Control Specialists. Access to SCP-0000 is restricted. Individuals found to be affected by SCP-0000 are to be restrained and moved to Site-81 for long-term containment and observation.

Description: SCP-0000 is an anomalous structure near the abandoned town of Wells1 in southern Indiana. SCP-0000 is not static - every day at 0725 EST SCP-0000 will manifest near a rocky gorge in the woods outside of Wells. The majority of the structure hangs over the edge of the cliff and the building is seemingly constantly at risk of collapsing as a result. At 1530 EST, the building will begin to act erratically. After ten minutes have passed, the school will disappear. Individuals within SCP-0000 at the time it disappears are invariably lost.

Signage on the exterior of SCP-0000 identifies it as Wells High School, a small county high school that fell out of use after the larger regional school, Bedford North Lawrence High School, was built in 1974. The consolidation of the nearby schools resulted in the closure of nearly all of them, though Wells High School continued to report a student body of 35 students to the state school board for two years after the school was supposed to close. It is unknown how this went unnoticed by the state officials.

SCP-0000 contains several aggressive cognitohazards that, due to their nature being inimical to human cognition, have not been properly identified. Interaction with these cognitohazards have only occurred on three separate occasions, and only twice since the Foundation became aware of SCP-0000.

The majority of SCP-0000 is inaccessible due to damage to the interior of the structure. Individuals within SCP-0000 will report hearing the voices of children speaking in hushed whispers just out of earshot, as well as catching glimpses of figures that are human-shaped, but do not move properly.

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