KaktusKontainer IV
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Interior edge of SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: The primary entrance to SCP-XXXX is to be fenced and guarded by on-site containment personnel. Research Site-198 has been constructed to facilitate ongoing observation of SCP-XXXX, and the authorization of the Site Director is required for planned excursions into SCP-XXXX.

Due to information gathered from within SCP-XXXX, it is likely that there are other alternate entrances to SCP-XXXX, though none of these entrances have yet been located. Should such an entrance be discovered, resources are to be allocated to secure the entrance and, in the event of hostile anomalous activity, dispatch the threats.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a plain wooden door located in a back room of the Daleson Infirmary, an abandoned medical building constructed in 1845 and located near the White Rock Navajo settlement in New Mexico, USA. The door only appears on the interior of the outer wall on which it is affixed; no such door is visible from outside the building.

Passing through the door leads to an extraspatial area that closely resembles the barren landscape around White Rock, with the notable addition of a massive cliff face roughly 600m from the door. While the Daleson Infirmary also appears within this extraspatial area, its doors and windows are locked and it is otherwise unaccessible. Attempts to enter the building have been unsuccessful.

The cliff face near SCP-XXXX extends down a currently unknown distance. Probes and reconnaissance devices dropped from the edge have all either ceased functioning when they crashed against the cliffside or one of the many landings below due to the strong winds, or ceased communicating once they were out of range. The furthest from the cliff face that a probe has returned a signal was roughly 375km, though this device was also destroyed on impact with a the cliff face.

The expanse of air beyond the cliff face is constantly covered in a thick, white fog. The sun, which does not move in the sky, rests at dusk. While the winds within the canyon can be in excess of 300km/h, the weather at the base camp (Site-198) established on the top of the cliff face maintains a consistent light breeze, with temperatures a constant cool 21.67 degrees celcius. While birds are occasionally seen flying from an unknown point in the distance towards the canyon, no other life forms appear on the canyon ridge.

The desert

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