SCP-0000: Sundown
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Sundown Island, AK, USA.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 has been neutralized. No further containment procedures are required.

Description: SCP-0000 is a facility believed to have been developed by the Kervier Mining Corporation1 involved in the disappearance of 137 people on Sundown Island, Alaska, USA in 1972. The SCP Foundation was not made aware of the existence of SCP-0000 until 1974, at which time it was noted to no longer be active. A secondary expedition to Sundown Island in 1975 revealed that significant portions of SCP-0000 had been removed from the island entirely, though the reason for this is currently unknown.

Information taken from letters and other pieces of correspondence suggest that SCP-0000 was built by the Kervier Mining Corporation[[Group of Interest status pending.]] under the "AVK Expeditionary Group" front company. The intended purpose of SCP-0000 is still under investigation, which has experienced limited results due to the current absence of most physical evidence. However, it is known that SCP-0000 had an acute detrimental effect on the mental and physical well-being of the inhabitants of Sundown Island.

Addendum 0000.1: Discovery

SCP-0000 was discovered by the crew of the crab fishing boat Land of Opportunity in December of 1974 while putting into the small port on Sundown Island in order to escape a storm. The crew of the ship quickly discovered that the isolated community was completely abandoned. Due to this, Land of Opportunity's captain Matt Del Rio assumed that he must have put in at the wrong port, either due to incorrect charts or due to uncertainty caused by worsening weather conditions.

Crewmen who went ashore later described feeling a sense of unusual dread, though it is likely that much of this could be attributed to the circumstances under which they arrived at the island. Several men described hearing noises like barking animals, while others claimed to have felt as if they were being watched. The captain of the vessel attempted to radio a nearby naval station with no luck - due to the weather all vessels in the area had put in for the night, and the small crew manning the base had gone to sleep. The station's automatic recording system captured a small portion of the message, a transcript of which is available below:

[0113] (Static) -Del Rio, we've put in for the uh, because of the storm, and it's getting really bad out (static) don't know (unintelligible) not where I think we are, here, the chart's not right. But we've put (unintelligible) real strange, real bad, and the guys aren't feeling right.


(Aside) -not answering, no, they're not picking up, there's nobody- (static)

[0145] Mayday mayday mayday,

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