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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Prior containment procedures are currently irrelevant. No containment procedures are currently necessary. SCP-XXXX's remains are stored in the Site-42 Biological Containment Freezer. All documentation regarding SCP-XXXX is stored in the Archive Wing of Site-42. The town of White Cross Falls has been repurposed into a Foundation site to care for senior personnel and personnel disabled in the line of duty.

Description: SCP-XXXX was a tartarean entity that existed in this universe as a large, bipedal, porcine entity, and was worshiped as the deity "Filluvkraft, the Harbinger of Purity" by the residents of the town of White Cross Falls, Georgia. In exchange for human sacrifices, SCP-XXXX ensured enhanced growth of the crops and livestock of the primarily agricultural community, a consistent phenotype of blue eyes and blond hair in children born within the town's borders, and that the disappearance of all individuals sacrificed to it would go relatively unnoticed.

Documentation recovered from the town, interviews with survivors, and recovered folk legends suggest that SCP-XXXX was either summoned or created by one John Gordon1 shortly after the end of the Civil War. Before the Civil War, White Cross Falls was a prosperous town supported primarily by the activity of the numerous slave-worked plantations located in and around the town. After slavery was outlawed in White Cross Falls, the town and community fell into disrepair; the only residents who remained were too poor to leave. Gordon intended for the entity to restore the town's fortunes, which it did with limited success; nevertheless, the town's fortunes improved enough for the residents to form a cult around SCP-XXXX.2 The formation of the cult was assisted by the prevalent racism, anti-Semitism, and lack of education3 within the community, which may have also contributed to strengthening SCP-XXXX's capabilities.

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery, Incident, and Neutralization

Foundation agents were initially alerted to the existence of SCP-XXXX following routine statistical examinations of missing persons reports in the United States; it was noticed that, on average, four people went missing in White Cross Falls each month, but no notice or attention had been given to this abnormally high rate by law enforcement. Foundation Special Agent Chadwick Freeman was dispatched to investigate the town; in the process of his investigation, he encountered and neutralized SCP-XXXX. Following the neutralization of SCP-XXXX, the remaining residents of the town were given Class-A amnestics and relocated.

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