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Item#: 001
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Special Containment Procedures: The access point to SCP-001 is restricted to Level 5.001 personnel only. Unauthorized access is strictly forbidden.

Containment Procedures Memorandum: Due to the collapse of the Site-19 K-Wing, SCP-001 is no longer accessible. File reclassified as NEUTRALIZED.


Access point to SCP-001.

Description: SCP-001 was a deteriorating space-time anomaly manifesting on the east wall of an auxiliary containment storage room in the now-abandoned K-Wing beneath Site-19. SCP-001 manifested shortly after the self-termination of SCP-239 elsewhere in the K-Wing. The anomaly, which acted as a passthrough into an extra-spatial area, was roughly 2.38m in length and 0.41m at its widest point.

Beyond the threshold of SCP-001 was a barren world covered entirely by large dunes of sand, dust and ash, often in excess of 100m in height. The planet, identified as 001-Rhea, was seemingly uninhabited and devoid of all life. The temperature of 001-Rhea was measured at roughly -85 °C during daylight hours, dropping to -142 °C at night. 001-Rhea appeared to orbit a brown dwarf star1, which was the only object in the sky visible with the human eye. 001-Rhea maintained an extremely thin atmosphere composed primarily of carbon dioxide, molecular nitrogen and argon, with traces levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, water vapor, and oxygen.

Based on information gathered from surviving probes and unmanned vehicles, 001-Rhea existed in a universe in the late stages of heat death. Astronomical observation within SCP-001 has detected no other stars outside of 001-Rhea's orbital star, and the forces holding 001-Rhea together appeared to be tenuous at best. 001-Rhea is believed to have at one point had a singular orbiting moon, though tidal forces and time appeared to have reduced this body to a ring of dust around the planet that periodically washed through the atmosphere as its orbit deteriorated.

As 001-Rhea existed in a state of near-perpetual darkness and intolerable cold, and because the access point to SCP-001 had grown too small to permit a human being to pass through, the only extensive observation of SCP-001's interior was from an unmanned vehicle - RERV-32. RERV-3 had been successful in gathering geological samples and astronomical data from within SCP-001, though little had been discovered to indicate 001-Rhea was ever inhabited, or even inhabitable.

SCP-001 served as the containment unit for SCP-001-A. SCP-001-A was a hostile anomalous entity incapable of experiencing biological death. Due to the entity's inimical relationship with human life, the Overseer Council determined that SCP-001 could be used as a suitable containment alternative, as SCP-001-A would be capable of outlasting any containment vessel that could be created by human beings.

After a 9-4 vote confirmed the decision, the 17th SCP Foundation Overseer Council approved SCP-001-A's transfer into SCP-001. The entity had remained contained within the anomaly since, though with the collapse of the Site-19 K-Wing both the anomaly and SCP-001-A are considered Neutralized.

Addendum 001.1: Discovery

SCP-001 was discovered immediately after the self-termination of SCP-239 on the 13th of December, 2020. Prior to the aforementioned self-termination, SCP-239 had been involved in a series of experiments seeking to find a permanent containment vessel for SCP-001-A. These experiments, part of the classified Project North Star, were developed by Foundation Dr. Einrich Lorde as a way to utilize SCP-239's innate ability to manipulate and restructure spacetime to create a containment vessel that would be capable of holding SCP-001-A indefinitely. These experiments continued despite the obvious strain put on SCP-239 throughout, and ended upon the entity's self-termination.

Despite this, the end result of Project North Star was the creation of SCP-001, which upon its discovery revealed the means by which to contain SCP-001-A.

Addendum 001.2: Recovered Samples

Atmospheric and surface samples were taken to ascertain the nature of 001-Rhea's environment. As anticipated, the planet was proven to be entirely barren.

Retrieval Mission Retrieval Device Sample Notes
001.R.1 RERV-3 Grey particulate matter which comprises the majority of 001-Rhea's surface Chemical analysis indicates several compounds found in sand and ash, such as calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, and silica. No commonly recognized organic compounds discovered.
001.R.2 RERV-3 Atmospheric sample carbon dioxide, molecular nitrogen and argon, with traces levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, water vapor, and oxygen
001.R.3 RERV-3 Atmospheric sample Same as above.
001.R.4 RERV-3 Additional surface sample Same as in 001.R.2, with additional trace amounts of solid carbon. Research into this is ongoing.

Addendum 001.3: Observation

On 12/21/2020, RERV-3 discovered an unusual disturbance beneath the surface of 001-Rhea, roughly 23m from SCP-001 itself, precipitated by the drone's presence above it. This disturbance was revealed to be the partial collapse of a structure buried below the surface layer of the planet. This collapse allowed RERV-3 a small entryway into the single accessible room.

The room, which measured 3.3m x 3.6m x 2.8m3, contained only a few distinct objects: a metal bookshelf, rusted almost entirely through and collapsing, a severely deteriorated wristwatch, the dilapidated remains of a heat exchanger, a sealed plastic polymer container, and a compact cesium atomic clock. RERV-3 was able to retrieve the wristwatch, the container and the atomic clock and return them to the research team at Site-19.

The container, once opened, was found to contain a leatherbound journal bearing the ███████ █████ ████ ████████ in unusually good condition, as well as a digital storage device. Upon inspection, the analog display of the atomic clock noted the date as being December 1st, 0005. However, the clock no longer appears to function. The reason for this is unknown.

Addendum 001.4: Collected Documentation

Addendum 0000.3: Recovered Data

The recovered digital storage device contained a number of files relating to the founding of Project North Star, including the full containment protocol.

Addendum 0000.4: XXXX

Addendum 0000.5: XXXX

Document Information

The following file is Level 5/001 Classified. This file has been marked "OVERSEER EYES ONLY" by order of the SCP Foundation Overseer Council at Site-01.

This file is locked and can only be accessed by a terminal within the office of an SCP Foundation Overseer, and only with the approval of a supermajority of extant Overseers. Failure to reach this supermajority will result in the file being re-locked until such time that a supermajority is present to unlock it.

Beginning the unlock procedures below will send a request for approval confirmation to all extant SCP Foundation Overseers and begin a countdown timer. If any extant members of the SCP Foundation Overseer Council fail to reply within 30 seconds, the file will be re-locked. Failed attempts to access this file will be logged.

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