KaktusKontainer VII
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Can what has been done been undone? Can you remake that has been unmade?

Wandered upon this enterprise I did not - though I cannot in honest thought claim a full appreciation of what was to come when I first lit my pipe outside of that Greenwich trading house. To look back upon a moment and see where one's life is irrevocably altered is one that dissociates the body from the soul - yet it is here where I find myself now, at a crossroads. Behind me is the life I once lived, free from troublesome inquiry or uncertainty. Before me are decisions to be made.

But, to get there I must go back to that place, outside of the trading house on a foggy autumn night. In those times I was a pharmacist under the employ of a Doctor Howard Bell. In truth, I was more an administer than a physician, tending to the good doctor's ledger and accounting for his billing.

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