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Special Containment Procedures: Access roads leading to SCP-XXXX are to be destroyed, and a detail of armed security personnel posing as local law enforcement are to monitor SCP-XXXX's perimeter at all times. Under no circumstances are civilians permitted to enter SCP-XXXX or breach the security perimeter.

Due to knowledge of SCP-XXXX persisting in the local community as a location of paranormal interest, the security detail for SCP-XXXX is to increased appropriately in the week leading up to Halloween. Additionally, no exploration into SCP-XXXX is permitted during this period.


Elaine, Anna, and Kent Parker.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an abandoned house on Hobbs Hill Road1 west of Ellettsville, Indiana, USA. SCP-XXXX gained notoriety in the local community in 1984 after the previous inhabitants of the house, Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Elaine Parker and their two children, sixteen year old Anna and twelve year old Kent, were discovered dead on the property.

Elaine was found affixed with wire to a crude wooden cross in the field outside the house, her arms having been removed and her face having been removed and replaced by sticks and leaves in a crude imitation of human facial features. Her arms were located on the ground near her, each of them holding the burned heads of her two children, whose facial features were similarly disfigured. The bodies of both children were later found in the cesspool of a nearby outhouse, along with the skinned body of the family dog and a copious amount of dead plant matter. The faces of the three individuals were never located.

Brian Parker was discovered later during investigation of the house's basement. Mr. Parker was discovered at the bottom of a narrow hole, roughly 0.85m wide and 6m deep. According to police autopsy reports, Mr. Parker "…did not have an ounce of skin remaining on his arms, and the bones in his hands were ground into splinters. The broken remains of a shovel were found nearby, indicating that he had perhaps started digging with it but, after it became useless upon breaking from the effort, began to feverishly dig with whatever appendages he had left. His mouth and lungs were full of dirt, his teeth were broken and several were missing, and no fewer than eight of his ribs were cracked from the strain. When he was found, he had to be further excavated as he appeared to have, in a final desperate act to reach for some unknown reprieve, buried his arms up to the elbows in the dirt below him before suddenly dying."

During the investigation following the discovery of the Parker family, several individuals from nearby Ellettsville described seeing a dark figure stalking in the woods near Hobbs Hill, eventually leading to the local paper running a story about the figures and Brian Parker's possible connection to occult activity2. Two weeks into the investigation, a group of children broke into SCP-XXXX, presumably for thrillseeking purposes. Though all four of the children who entered SCP-XXXX were later recovered by police, their faces had been removed and replaced with sticks and leaves, and none were responsive to questioning or to any external stimuli at all. All later died suddenly while being cared for at a local hospital.

Shortly after this incident was reported by the local police, Foundation agents at Site-81 secured the area and set up a security perimeter. A three man team of agents were tasked with entering the house and looking for evidence of what happened to the affected children.

Addendum XXXX.1: Exploration Audio Log

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