Do Anomalies Dream of Anomalous Sheep?

What do anomalies dream about?

Unsurprisingly for the Foundation, no one cared. Besides the few anomalies who's features were dream-centirc, the issue of dreaming was left for breakroom banter and idle meetings around the hallway water cooler.

Of course, the anomalies still dreamed. But what did they dream about?

SCP-073 and SCP-336 had the same dreams- of a great booming voice, crackling with fire and brimstone and divine wrath. Both of them dreamed of what they had done, but only one wished that they could return to what was before.

SCP-105's dreams varied. She dreamt of her ex-boyfriend, or the many friends of researchers and agents and fellow anomalies she had met during the time at the Foundation.

However it went, it always ended the same- with a great, tattooed and wild eyed demon stepping into them and butchering everyone she loved as she screamed for help.

A few thousand miles away that same monster dreamed rather soundly, dreaming of his livestock and his family. He dreamt of warm sunny days, feeling the breeze whistle through his hair. Then another marked monster would come and kill him, driving him to destroy whatever he could get his hands on.

SCP-053 dreamed about 682- not that anyone cared to ask her. SCP-682 dreamed the same, although its dreams involved quite a bit more killing and dismembering of, well, everyone.

No one wanted to know what 231-7 dreamed about. They slept better at night, not considering what she went through whenever she closed her eyes.

SCP-1867 dreamed of his gentlemanly adventures, fighting off all manner of dangerous beats, finding lost anomalous artifacts like the Holy Grail, and narrowly escaping being cooked alive by a long lost SCP-1000 tribe.

Quite a few of them featured sea slugs for some unfathomable reason.

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