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Here's your gun. Welcome to the Insurgency.

C'mon. We ain't got the time to wait for you. Get up, take the gun, or you'll never see daylight again.

There we go. Now, you see any fucker not in orange, shoot, got it?

Good. Take my hand. Up you go. Sorry 'bout the rude entrance, that ringing'll fade soon enough. But let's go.

Ain't the talking type, huh?


That's alright by me, friend. You got a name?

Nice to meet 'ya. You can call me


Shit, nice fuckin' shot. You can call me V. Sit tight for a sec, lemme clear this corner.


Bang. Bang.

Clear, c'mon. Almost home free, friend. See that hole busted in the wall? That's our exit.

Yeah, I know we're on the fifth floor.

Yeah, I know how heights work.

Here, take my hand. We'll jump together, eh? Symbol of trust. Get on my back.


We ain't got time, friend. You're in it now. We got ETA twenty fucking seconds 'till the MTF gets here, and we're fucking cooked if you don't-

There we go. Hold tight.


We got a lot to talk about, buddy.

I know, I can see the look on your face. We're actually in a helicopter.

See it now?

Fucked up, huh? They call it an SEP field.

You'll get used to it. But, anyway.

Yeah. Welcome to the Insurgency. You might be wonderin' who we are, or why we saved-

Chaos Insurgency? You're a Foundie, huh? Yeah, that's what your former employer calls us.

No, no. No, no, no. Take some breaths, friend, we aren't here to do anything to you. We would've just killed you in that cell if we were, yeah?


Boy, this is awkward, huh? Black… well, orange suited maniacs busting down your containment cell and saving you. You're thinkin' why, you're wondering what we got in store for you.

Well, nothing, if you don't want it.

You want, we drop you right by a Way, get you with some of the good folks with the Serpents and you could eke out a life in the Library.

We all wanna walk away sometime and find a place to settle down. I wouldn't blame you.

Thing about the Serpent's Hand, though, is that they want to accept the world as it is.

Even if they do strikes like this, like we do, even if they fight against the Foundation like we do, they think the Foundation's goals are fundamentally wrong. They want to see the Foundation, see the GOC, dismantled and let the anomalous become normal. The Foundation and GOC are jailers of humanity, of truth, and they want to return to nature.

The Foundation and GOC, on the other hand, think that things can be unnatural, that there are fundamentally wrong deviations from a baseline, and those deviations must be controlled or destroyed. They maintain there is a reality, and it's what an everyday Joe sees every day of his life, and it should be.

You wonder where we fall, yeah?

We think they're all a fair bit bullshit.

We think that we shouldn't hide things because they're weird, but we also shouldn't lie down and accept that some things are true, and always will be true, and that it's good for the true to be true.

We think that we shouldn't destroy things just because they don't stick to a norm, but we also shouldn't treat saving something like it's a universal good.

That's what we think. As for what we believe?

Normalcy ain't worth protecting. But reality sure as hell ain't either.

The only thing worth protecting is justice.

And what, you might ask, is justice?

Heh. I don't have a fuckin' clue, my friend. All I know is what's unjust.

That's what we fight against.

And if you're in?

Welcome to the Insurgency.

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