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Poster of The Shaggy Dog Dialogues, the twenty third entry in the rebooted The Shaggy Dog film series. Poster produced by Researcher James.

Item Number: SCP-4845

Item Class: Ticonderoga

Item Type: Humanoid/Canid, Probable Reality Bender

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4845 has been assigned the Ticonderoga object class due to inaddressable public knowledge and traditional containment difficulty of the object. Pursuant to this classing, SCP-4845 is to be monitored at all times, and no attempts at apprehension are to be attempted.

Further entries in The Shaggy Dog series are to be produced by Foundation shell company Boxing Cat Films. No more than $10,000/Yr is to be allocated to production.

While SCP-4845 is not filming for its works, it is to be taken on tours for the promotion of the most recent The Shaggy Dog film to increase cooperation and reduce ambient containment breach chance.

All known SCP-4845-a entities are to be apprehended and placed in standard canid containment cells.

Description: SCP-4845 is a cynanthrope1 known as Tim Allen. Prior to filming of The Shaggy Dog in 2006, SCP-4845 acted in several notable television shows and films, including Home Improvement, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, The Legend of Lobo (2004), and Wild Dog of the North.

It is currently believed that SCP-4845's preoccupation with producing dog movies is coincidence, as it displayed no anomalous properties prior to the production of The Shaggy Dog. However, this preoccupation has proven useful to its containment, as it displays a perpetual desire to create and promote further films in the series.

According to crewmembers involved in making The Shaggy Dog, SCP-4845 had bitten and been bitten by the canine actor portraying it during filming. Filming halted, and both were taken to, and left alone in, their trailers. Following this, SCP-4845 and the canine actor were unable to be found until SCP-4845 returned to the set to film.

SCP-4845-a refers to humanoids bitten by SCP-4845. Upon being bitten, SCP-4845-a instances permanently morph into a Bearded Collie. Of note, instances retain their intelligence; this has resulted in past breaches of containment (see Incident Log IL-4845-1).

Efforts to apprehend SCP-4845 have unilaterally failed. All attempts have resulted in either the capture or incapacitation of attempted captors through the development of sudden incompetence and/or improbable confounding circumstances; it is currently believed SCP-4845 is the source of these developments. However, as SCP-4845 displays baseline hume levels, further research is necessary to confirm this.

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