Don Cortés Triumphant
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Due to the nature of the anomaly, this document is temporally unstable. Attempts have been made to place files in chronological order.

— Dr. Thaddeus Xyank, Director, Temporal Anomalies Department

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: The Temporal Anomalies Department is/will be in charge of containment of SCP-XXXX. All documents referring to SCP-XXXX should be written in Old English, and historical documents of SCP-XXXX should be altered to reflect a non-anomalous nature. Discussion of SCP-XXXX in a language other than Old English is forbidden.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large avian-reptilian creature, resembling the cuelebre1 of Spanish mythology. At the time of its death, SCP-XXXX stood three meters tall and had a wingspan of approximately six meters.

In life SCP-XXXX was Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano, a Spanish conquistador born in 1485 in Medellin, a small village in the Badajoz region of Spain. SCP-XXXX would go on to topple the Aztec Empire and died on December 2, 1547. These appear to be the only consistent details of SCP-XXXX's life. Due to the large amount of temporal paradoxes surrounding SCP-XXXX, efforts to subvert these details are estimated to end in a PT-Class Paradoxical Time Breakdown Scenario.

SCP-XXXX possess precognitive abilities, which it is using to incorporate several seemingly unrelated events into its life, aiming to bring about a global Spanish empire through the use of butterfly events before and after its death. SCP-XXXX is aware of the Temporal Anomalies Department, and is actively resisting its efforts to establish the proper timeline.

The origin of SCP-XXXX's anomalous features are currently unknown. SCP-XXXX's parents, siblings, and children have been verified as completely non-anomalous, and all contemporary accounts acknowledge SCP-XXXX's anomalous character. A proposed theory is that SCP-XXXX was exposed to an anomalous force that retroactively restructured it from a human to its current state, although no associated temporal fluctuations have been detected.

SCP-XXXX may possess additional unknown anomalous qualities, as have been found in mythological stories involving the cuelebre. However SCP-XXXX appears to destroy all documentation of its anomalous abilities, presumably in an effort to hinder the Foundation.

Discovery: The date of discovery of SCP-XXXX's anomalous qualities is currently in flux.

Recovered Archival Documentation

From the journal of Alastair Monroy2, year of our Lord 1519.

We have stopped in Trinidad to order more supplies. Cortes says we need several more horses, for supplies and soliders, and six more to eat at his leisure. Evidently, his appetite has grown. He has also ordered several slaves, choosing the fattest among those available.

There has been some foul moods among our original crew of Cortes' actions with the Governor. Whispers of a growing madness that has led them to mutiny. I do not share their belfiefs, though I do recall Cortes having a very strange conversation with me the day before. He spoke of a Foundation, some godless organization of science from the far years to come, and how they were watching us even now. He dictated the following words for me to inscribe on this page.

Greeting, Foundation, greetings Xaddeus Xyank. I have looked ahead to my death. I have seen how I die; in debt, ignored, and slowly crippled by a failing body. This does not bother me. This world is temporary, the everlasting glory of Heaven is not.

What bothers me is seeing the soon-to-be state of my dear Spain. A slumbering, rotting beast, torn apart by civil wars and dictatorships, and shackled to foregin rulers. God has given me this gift for a reson, and I know what I must do. I ask that you do not interfere. But I know that you must.

Don Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano, Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca3, soldier of God.

Timeline Restructuring Events taken by/taken in accordance with SCP-XXXX:

Actions taken by the Department: Governer Diego Velázquez de Cuellar4 was placed under hypnotic suggestion, ordering him to withdraw his placement of SCP-XXXX in command of a 1519 expedition.
Action taken by SCP-XXXX: SCP-XXXX simply left against the Governor's orders. However, a significant portion of its forces refused to accompany it. Believed to slow down SCP-XXXX's conquest by six months.
Note: Archaeologists operating in Cuba in 2023 uncovered the following document carved by SCP-XXXX into the foundation of Velazquez's residence.

To the scientists:

I expected more of you.

Actions taken by SCP-XXXX: SCP-XXXX led its forces to Pontochan, where it used ritual knowledge gained by precognitive abilities to summon a storm of a blood-like material that melted the majority of the residents.
Actions taken by the Department: Remaining forces were supplied with anomalous precolonial weaponry. Significant casualties were inflicted upon SCP-XXXX's forces, but the conquistadors managed to win the battle. Weaponry was destroyed or recovered to prevent it falling into SCP-XXXX's hands.
Note: A recovered document was found in 1866 at the Great Pyramid of Cholul.

To the scientists.

If this is all you can attempt at stopping the rightful place of Spain, play on.

Actions taken by SCP-XXXX: SCP-XXXX summoned SCP-6454, offering half of its slaves in exchange.
Actions taken by SCP-XXXX: With approval from the O5 Council, the department offered SCP-6454 236 D-Class personnel, taken from points in time just before termination for various offence in return for refusing any such events.
Actions taken in response by SCP-XXXX: SCP-XXXX summoned SCP-6454 twenty minutes earlier.
Actions taken in response to SCP-XXXX: The department summoned SCP-6454 thirty minutes earlier.
Actions taken in response to prior actions: SCP-XXXX killed department personnel before they could summon SCP-6454, and summoned it themselves, offering half of its slaves in return for its assistance.
Actions taken in response: At this point, it was concluded that further temporal intervention would be detrimental to the overall success of the mission.

Further Temporal restructuring event logs may appear or be removed as they occur and/or stop existing.

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