The Patterns In The Stars
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Item #: SCP-3930-EX

Object Class: Euclid Explained

Special Containment Procedures: No containment of SCP-3930-EX is necessary.

Description: SCP-3930 is an area known as Quiet Hill, located outside of Lyons, Colorado. Under certain criteria, subjects atop SCP-3930 will encounter SCP-3930-1. SCP-3930-1 will only be visible to the subject. All accounts indicate that SCP-3930-1 is sociable and friendly. Should the subject converse with SCP-3930-1, the entity will show extraordinary familiarity with the subject, often guiding the conversation toward the subject’s personal life, or philosophical topics.

Based on civilian accounts, the following are believed to be necessary criteria for causing SCP-3930-1 to manifest.
• The subject must be a male between age 27-30 years old
• The subject must believe himself to be alone.
• The subject must be atop SCP-3930 between 2200 and 0200 hours.
• The sky must have little to no cloud cover.

These criteria are unverified and incomplete. All experimental attempts to cause SCP-3930-1 to manifest have failed.

Discovery: SCP-3930 was brought to the Foundation’s attention after receiving multiple reports of anomalous activity. This was the result of numerous firsthand witnesses describing subjects speaking with SCP-3930-1 manifestations. Below are two notable accounts of SCP-3930 on 03/14/2017:

In accordance with standard protocol, the anomaly was given a designation prior to the beginning of investigation.

Addendum SCP-3930-EX-A: Further investigation into the individual featured in the video revealed him to be James Turnock. After interviews with eyewitnesses, as well as Turnock, it was discovered that each account of SCP-3930’s anomalous properties corresponded to one of Turnock’s many visits to SCP-3930, where he goes stargazing. Turnock was located and interviewed by Dr. Teller regarding his connections to SCP-3930.

<Begin Log>

Teller: Hello Mr. Turnock.

Turnock: Hi, um… have I done something wrong?

Teller: Oh, don't worry. You're not in trouble. I just wanted to ask you some questions. Specifically about a video of you.

Turnock: Video?

Teller shows Turnock the video of him at SCP-3930.

Turnock: Oh… someone got video of that.

Teller: Can you tell us more about that night?

Turnock: Well, I, uh… I don't know. It's a thing that I do when I'm feeling stressed. Don't have a lot of people to talk to about just, life and things. And sometimes you just need to get these things out. I know it's weird. No one normal talks to themselves, but I try to do it when I'm all alone. Guess I need to find a new spot for it.

Teller pauses.

Teller: I see.

Turnock: So, do you need anything else?

Teller: No, I… I believe that's all. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Turnock: Oh, um… don't worry about it.

<End Log>

SCP-3930 has been reclassified as an explained phenomenon.

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