Impossible-To-Destroy Reptile
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The Foundation was never late for termination testing.

On the 4th of every month, at 1500 hours on the dot, the door would open to 682's cell. Alarms would blare, the site would enter standard lockdown configuration, and then the show would start. What followed was five glorious hours of 682 against the most dangerous contraption that an army of engineers could design.

This was the only break from the monotony of containment that the lizard got. It wasn't much, but it was something. And it was the something that gave 682 hope that the Foundation would one day fuck up so bad that it would finally be able to roam the countryside, doing what it did best: Slaughter.

Except today, they were late. They were never late. The lizard glared at the door. It refused to open.

Date: 9/22/2020

From: Dr. ██████

To: SCP-682 Containment Personnel, SCP-682 Termination Personnel

Subject: ΩK


We have finally obtained x-ray scans of SCP-682. As we predicted, those scans show that SCP-682, like other non-anomalous reptiles, does in fact have a brain. And, as recent research into the ΩK-Scenario has shown, anything with a brain has been cursed/blessed with immortality. If the lizard wasn't unkillable before, it certainly is now.

This means that continued attempts at termination of SCP-682 will be futile. If we can't even kill a rat, the lizard's entirely out of the question. Therefore we will be suspending SCP-682 termination testing indefinitely. All personnel directly working in this venue of research will be reassigned within the coming week. Containment personnel are to take note, as this will simplify the procedures we have in place for SCP-682.

We had a good run.

SCP-682 Containment Log (9/22/2020)

15:00 - Regularly scheduled termination of subject cancelled. No activity.

15:16 - Ripples appear in the hydrochloric acid vat. Not indicative of enough movement to necessitate action.

15:27 - Movement attempted by SCP-682. Appears to be restless thrashing. Electrical shocks introduced to hydrochloric acid stopped the movement.

15:44 - Movement attempted by SCP-682. More dramatic and exaggerated than previous attempt. Loads detected on acid vat walls are significantly lower than loads measured during previous SCP-682 breach attempts. This is attributed to a lack of precision in repeated strikes. Electrical shocks introduced to hydrochloric acid failed to stop movement.

15:47 - Shouts of anger detected by microphones within the cell. Sudden fluctuation of temperature introduced to containment environment has slowed movement.

15:52 - Thrashing resumes at an even more intense rate. SCP-682 speech is recorded by microphones within the cell. Previous containment techniques reapplied to the containment environment. Vat walls projected to hold under current loads.

16:23 - Loads on vat walls increased dramatically. Strikes have become more focussed on the north wall. SCP-682 shouts threats sporadically. Vat walls projected to hold; however personnel have been notified of a possible impending containment breach. Preparation for SCP-682 Recontainment Protocols has been initiated.

17:03 - Movement from SCP-682 slows. This change does not correlate with any additional containment measures applied to the environment.

17:04 - SCP-682 sinks into the vat.

17:05 - Movement ceases. SCP-682 Recontainment Protocols aborted. Personnel return to their stations.

They weren't coming and they didn't plan on coming. Well, maybe next month would be different. Maybe they were just taking their time to come up with an even bigger, more complex device than usual. Maybe they hadn't given up on SCP-682.

The lizard waited in its vat for 30 more days, counting down the hours, the minutes, the seconds. And then the next 4th came along. And at 1500 hours, the door still refused to open. And 682 lashed out again. And then it waited for the next month.

And the next month.

And the next month.

And then it finally accepted its fate. The Foundation was leaving 682 alone. No more interviews, no more containment breaches. Just the lizard and the acid.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-682 must be destroyed as soon as possible.

The lizard wished it was dead.

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