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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Apollyon Thaumiel


Portion of SCP-001-01 captured prior to Incident I-001-01.

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: SCP-001 refers to a global network of several hundred ancient containment sites consisting of neolithic and bronze age archaeological monuments, settlements, and henges. Each location is oriented in a global web around six major intersections, where each intersection consists of a single large scale complex of neolithic monuments. Due to archaeological excavation, and swift action by Foundation agents and field detachments, the vast majority of these sites have been safely contained, and repaired in conjunction with Finnfolk cooperation.

SCP-001-01 through -06 refer to six major neolithic sites responsible for containment of an equivalent number of Type Black entities. Each site is currently preventing a single HK-class deific subjugation event, despite having sustained severe structural damage due to long periods of corrosive erosion, and poor maintenance. Below is a table containing pertinent information on each location, and its current state. SCP-001-01 is in a state of structural collapse, due to the events of DR-3703-A, containment failure is believed to be imminent.


Epicenter of SCP-001-01, long term erosion and damage is apparent in the large gaps between surviving containment stones.


History: [Optional additional paragraphs]


19th Century sketch of the Odin Stone prior to its destruction, and subsequent release of SCP-3456.

Procedural Memos and updates:

Incident I-001-01:

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