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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Apollyon Thaumiel


Portion of SCP-001-01 captured prior to Incident I-001-01.

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: SCP-001 refers to a global network of several hundred ancient containment sites consisting of neolithic and bronze age archaeological monuments, settlements, and henges. Each location is oriented in a global web around nine major intersections, where each intersection consists of a single large scale complex of neolithic monuments. Due to archaeological excavation, and swift action by Foundation agents and field detachments in the initial years of its operation, the vast majority of these sites have been safely contained, and repaired in conjunction with Finnfolk cooperation.

SCP-001-01 through -09 refer to nine major neolithic sites responsible for containment of an equivalent number of Type Black entities. Each site is currently preventing a single or partial HK-class deific subjugation event, despite having sustained severe structural damage due to long periods of corrosive erosion, poor maintenance, and in some instances, deliberate vandalism. Below is a table containing pertinent information on each location, and its current state. SCP-001-01 is in a state of structural collapse, due to the events of DR-3703-A, containment failure is believed to be imminent.


Epicenter of SCP-001-01, long term erosion and damage is apparent in the large gaps between surviving containment stones.

Table contents:

Site designation
Entity Contained

Heart of Neolithic Orkney, Mainland Orkney
E-SCP-001-02 "The Sea Tyrant"
32 anomalies in containment, original capacity estimated at roughly 3700 anomalies. Massive complex of henges, standing stones, and flooded religious sites.
In the process of cataclysmic structural collapse.

Alit Yam
E-SCP-001-05 "The Devourer"
Uknown. Site is difficult to assess due to being submerged. Subsurface sonar estimates the stone semicircle is the top of a large 5 winged ritual complex. Elements of the GoI known as the Fifthist church have attempted several incursions in the last 20 years, with no success.
Conditional Stability

Nabta Playa, Egypt
E-SCP-001-06 "The Scarlet King"
Enormous decentralized basin containing multiple containment and religious complexes. Rivals SCP-001-01 in sheer size, and is estimated to currently contain upwards of 10,000 anomalies. Many of the sites have been buried and preserved under the sand, though numerous recovered artifacts appear to implicate SCP-1013 as having been contained in the site.
Stable, with possible outlying damage.

Gunung Padang Megalithic Site, West Java Indonesia
E-SCP-001-08-A "Death, The Brother Lesser"
Megalithic Pyramid complex located on top of Mount Padang. Excavations are preliminary, and numerous coverup and false information dissemination attempts have been required due to heightened archaeological interest in the site. 130 anomalies are estimated to be contained within the structure.

Cahokia, Illinois
E-SCP-001-10 "The Light Bringer"
Large, multilayer complex of subterranean containment chambers containing at least 467 anomalies. Additional subsurface layers remain unexcavated due to inadequate technology and fear of damaging containment vesicles. Topmost layer is the site of the largest Mississipian Mound Building culture settlement, currently operated as a tourist location. Finnfolk artifacts of the Louisanian branch have been recovered from the lowest excavated layer.


History: [Optional additional paragraphs]


19th Century sketch of the Odin Stone prior to its destruction, and subsequent release of SCP-3456.

Procedural Memos and updates:

Incident I-001-01:


Phase 1: Structural collapse imminent. Last ditch effort to stop Teran from breaking through by sending in Samsara. Samsara goes through a 3703 instance, engages Teran in the Astral plane. Initially, hold their own, but get wiped one by one. 48 hours until complete collapse.

Phase 2: Orkney is evacuated, world leaders are notified so they can begin preparing for potential cataclysm and a broken veil scenario. Islands are blockaded by the combined US, UK, Russian, and French navies. Circle of Brogdar and other key parts of 001-01 collapse, releasing numerous hostile anomalies. Combined Foundation-Finnfolk forces engage a steadily growing army under Teran's direction. Some initial give, but the Foundation manages to hold, and even begin to push them back.

Phase 3: Everything stops as the earth seems to rip apart. Huge chunks of earth fly through the air, Foundation-Finnfolk forces are knocked off their feet by shockwave, conventional small arms and weapons (mechanical) stop functioning. Tanks stuck in place, but still able to shoot. Teran rises from the center, standing roughly 2-3 kilometers tall. Reality around him begins to warp, and skies instantly turn black with dense thunder clouds, a super storm begins. 3700-02 emerges, and reeks devastation among foundation naval forces in Scappa Flow.

Phase 4: Foundation forces are pushed back to the brink, losing ground and men. SCP-4700-01 emerges from Scappa Flow in a deus ex machina moment, crushes 3700-02 between its claws. The bulk of the Finnfolks 3706 fleet arrives with it, sweeping down on Teran's forces, additional warriors dropping into the fray. Both O5-1's aboard (Sherry and Leep). Triemedes flies into battle, Hege stays aboard 4700-01. Remainder of Foundation naval forces focus fire on Teran. 4700-01 fires it's primary weapon impacting Teran and seeming to push him back, disrupting his storm. Victory looks at hand.

Phase 5: Teran resists, and begins to push forward again, the beam pushes off him as some sort of reality distorting shield blocks it. Any human within a certain distance of Teran as he moves explodes into flesh and gore, panic begins to set in, as Teran's army begins to overwhelm the reinforced Foundation-Finnfolk forces.

Phase 6: The captured entity Alva is released, and dissolves into seaweed. The tide goes all the way out in Scapa Flow for a fraction of a second. An enormous Tsunami approaches the Mainland isle, and slams into the island proper, the waters ignore human and finnfolk but sweep back everything else as a woman materializes from the waves at the forefront, at least 500 meters tall, with chains around her legs and arms. Teran outstretches his arms, as the wave slams into him, the giant four eyeed woman using her momentum to stop his forward motion. She digs in her heels, and seems to stop and even for a moment, begin to push him back, before she begins to slide backwards. He slams his fist into an equal barrier that she is producing. Reality warps and shifts around both of them as Finnfolk and Humans flee to try to get to a safe distance, 4700-01 stops firing, and enters recharge mode. Mither stretches out her hand, and the loose rock and debris and remnants of the ancient containment chambers fly towards her, and form piece by piece an enormous blade. When complete, blinding flash of light, feed has been excluded due to ontokinetic distortions and mind warping hazards. Mither tries to wield the blade against Teran, he grabs wrist and starts to force it down onto her, exhibits pain as wrist smokes. Feed cuts as reality begins to warp, and Teran's army pushes forward again. 3700-02 remanifests and lunges to attack 4700-01 just as it's ready to fire, but is intercepted by 3700-01, the woman extending a third arm she didn't have before to manifest it.

Phase 7: 4700-01 fires at Teran again, but it's not enough as it only impacts his shield. A triumphant horn sounds in the distance, as 4700-02 through -04 arrive from the North, East, and West. More horns as Finnfolk from the America's (Cajun-folk), Far East, and Ant-Arctic arrive, their ancient temples having borne warning of Teran's return. Teran is distracted by the newcomers, and the Mither breaks his grip, able to get a glancing blow off, he punches her, doing significant damage to her shoulder. She falls back, falling to one knee, outmatched and exhausted. Finnfolk begin a chant/warcry, unknowingly an act of worship, that reinvigorates the goddess. All 4 instances of 4700 fire their primary weapons, smashing against Teran's shield, and shattering it. He roars, turning to extend a hand to warp them out of reality with a single motion, but his arm is cleaved. Then his other. Then his legs, falling to the earth on stumps. The Mither stabs him through the chest, stumbles back as the blade is spiderwebbed with light, which spreads into Teran, coursing across his body until the view is blotted out with light. It fades as Teran dissolves, the blade breaks into a infinitely growing number of stones, and flies towards Teran's now fleeing armies, beams of light capturing the fleeing anomalies, before returning to the mending earth, and reforming the stones of Brogdar and other monuments into restored temple structures.

Epilogue tale attached to the 001.

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