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Item #: SCP-3169

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3169 has been moved to Site-15, and placed within a class 4 isolation chamber. SCP-3169's position within Disneyland has been replaced with an identical non-anomalous carousel. Personnel are not to step into SCP-3169's active zone. Individuals who step onto SCP-3169 during testing are to be terminated following conclusion of all experiments.

Description: SCP-3169 is a carousel attraction, formerly located within Fantasyland, a subsection of Disneyland Amusement Park. It is constructed from wooden and metal materials emulating colors of the United States of America's flag. The carousel has a sign mounted on the northern face of the parasol which reads "Kink Arthur Carrousel".

The ride's anomalous effects begin when an individual steps onto the platform. The carousel will initiate rotation, at which time the individual's clothing will be replaced, instantaneously, with attire typically associated with Paraphillia-based sexual positions. Upon being re-dressed, a wooden pole will emerge from SCP-3169's floor, and impale the targeted individual, before connecting with the roof. Individual's are promptly forced to assume the shape of a random animal, causing limbs, and other anatomical features to bend, break, or extend in a manner which should not be physically possible. SCP-3169 will expand it's platform by 0.2 cm per recently trapped individual.

Individuals subject to SCP-3169's effects do not exhibit signs of physical distress, despite severe physical deformation and impalement. Instead, all individuals exhibit signs of physiological arousal at time of transformation, including heightened vocalizations. Despite being impaled, SCP-3169's victims do not exhibit signs of blood-loss, or organ function impairment. Individuals cannot be removed from the carousel without inducing serious physical trauma.

SCP-3169 exhibits a low level memetic effects on those that directly observe it or it's victims. When directly observed, it will appear to resembles a standard carousel. This effect remains until an individual steps on the platform, or the object is observed through the lens of a camera, at which point the individual will become aware of other victims. SCP-3169 utilizes a lure in the form of pleasing/familiar musical tones to entice individuals to ride it.

Discovery: SCP-3169 began exhibiting anomalous properties during the 50 year anniversary of its opening within Disneyland. During celebratory festivities, guests reported a slight barometric shift in atmospheric pressure within the area. This was followed by sudden manifestation of hypnotic musical tones, originating from the carousel's location. 32 children, and 5 adult patrons were reported missing following SCP-3169's anomalous activation. Post-incident reports indicated the appearance of new mounts, including two horses stacked on top of each other, and the expansion of SCP-3169's platform, leading to Foundation involvement, and discovery of the ride's anomalous effects.

Goal: Make it more Melanie Martinez aesthetic. Carnival horror focusing more on the wacky horror.

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